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Search & analysis.

We can help you establish the optimal solution for your enterprise search needs and provide advice and training on best practices and best platforms.

Our workshops and expertise include:

Office 365 Security & Compliance Center Search

We can help you devise best practices for working with Microsoft’s Content Search eDiscovery tool to search email, Skype for Business conversations, OneDrive, Teams and instant messaging across your entire Office 365 organisation.

SharePoint Search

The SharePoint search environment requires careful planning, sizing and configuration to crawl and index content in order to achieve the desired search performance.

Other Microsoft search platforms

New Microsoft search platforms are emerging, such as Azure Cognitive Search Services, Sway and Delve. We can give you the heads up on what’s coming down the track and how they can help your business.

Advanced, Meaning-Based Search.

If you need to perform advanced search, we’d like to introduce you to iManage Insight.  Insight lets you leverage AI to understand the meaning of content and related concepts across a variety of different formats and sources, for example:

  • Billing systems,
  • Document Management Systems,
  • Files,
  • External web feeds (e.g. Reuters, Lexus Nexus, LinkedIn).

It also lets you identify relationships between data objects and people across your enterprise.

So, for example, you could surface all documents related to a specific legal case, along with the related partners, their location and skill sets and even how much they have billed and who they billed in relation to the cases.

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Related products include.

iManage Classify

Analyse and categorise documents and information for sensitive data down to clause level within the documents.

iManage Extract

Review fast millions of records for legal proceedings by ‘learning’ what constitutes a relevant item for production.

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Tell us about your enterprise & cognitive search challenges.
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