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Business Intelligence

Today’s digital world provides a valuable source of structured transactions and unstructured electronic documents that can help you protect against inappropriate use of your data, as well as get the most out of your data asset.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the analysis of disparate sets of information within an organisation in order to gain insights to meet tactical and strategic objectives.

BI aims to make the right information available to the right people at the right time, allowing them to make insightful and actionable decisions.

Successful BI implementations involve:

We can assist you on your BI journey through the application of our data modelling and visualisation expertise, delivered either on premises or in the cloud.

Our dynamic and interactive dashboards, using technologies such as Qlik and Microsoft Power BI, allows you to explore the data, ask the right questions and discover previously hidden patterns, trends and relationships.

Our integrated approach will allow you to fully explore both structured and unstructured data sets in order to fully leverage your information assets to achieve the business objectives.

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Data Forensics

Forensic analytics is the application of specialised analytical knowledge and techniques to these sources in order to identify patterns of potential fraud, misappropriation, corruption or any other nefarious activity.

Examples of this could include the double payment of invoices, inventory theft, the manipulation of bank statements or inflated bonuses in payroll.

Delegate roles & responsibilities

Procurement, accounts payable and payroll are internal processes that have a high fraud risk as they are areas the majority of payments of made by an organisation.

The highly sensitive nature of such investigations requires strong delegation of authority, segregation of duties and other controls to prevent collusion and possible fraudulent transactions.

We can help you:

Prevent losses due to fraudulent activity

Reduce the costs of investigations

Cut the time to sift through documents

Improve transparency in your business processes

Index virtually all repositories & data formats

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