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Expert-led workshops

We Make Cloud Adoption Easy.

Cloud Essentials offers a range of workshops to help you plan and structure your cloud journey in a way that enables your IT team to:

  • Understand the process and steps involved
  • Help you manage business stakeholders’ expectations around timing and procedures
  • Bring you up-to-speed on the latest Microsoft technologies

Start your journey with our Foundation and Fast Start workshops, or drill down into specific areas of interest with an advanced or custom workshop if you’re further down the cloud adoption track.

Microsoft 365 Workshops

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Microsoft Azure Workshops

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Microsoft 365 Workshops.

Our range of Microsoft 365 workshops includes:

Security Baseline Workshop

This workshop covers vital steps that must be taken before any users or data are moved to the cloud. We explore your specific security & governance needs, explain what’s included ‘as standard’ by Microsoft, and highlight any re-configuration or enhancements required.

Readiness Assessment & Remediation

This workshop presents the findings of a series of Microsoft tools and tests used to assess the status of your existing AD, network, Exchange, Skype and desktop infrastructure. It includes remediation options and guidelines to prepare your system for the smoothest possible migration.

Identity & Access Management Workshop

Cleaning up legacy domain changes, deciding on the best authentication options, and reviewing conditional access policies are just some of the subjects covered in this advanced security workshop.

Office 365 Advanced Collaboration

This workshop provides key information and practical guidance on how to plan, deliver and operate Microsoft Teams, Groups and SWAY. It’s a great way to leverage the Microsoft ‘Modern Workplace’ offered as part of your cloud migration incentive.

Active Directory Essentials

Active Directory is a common weak spot when it comes to cloud security. This workshop includes a full security review of your current AD, and provides informed recommendations and a roadmap for remediation.

Need something a little different? We offer many advanced workshops that can be tailored to your requirements and cover virtually all aspects of Microsoft 365, including:

Microsoft Trust Assurance

Advanced Threat Protection

Exchange Online Protection

AD Design & Security

Data Leak Prevention

Mobile Device Management

Identity & Access Management

Rights Management

Azure Workshops.

Our range of Azure workshops includes:

Azure Foundation Workshop

This workshop is a critical starting point for getting your organisation’s data centres connected to Azure. It covers essential preparations that should be in place before any workloads can be considered or tested in Azure.

Fast Start for IaaS

This workshop introduces the basics of connecting your network to Microsoft Azure. One of our Microsoft engineers will show you how to set up different types of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and familiarise you with AD hybrid environment management.

Fast Start for OMS

This workshop provides the knowledge and experience needed to make architectural, design and deployment decisions using Azure Backup & Recovery Services to add resilience to your cloud.

Fast Start for App Migration

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the basics of deploying SQL Server on IaaS. We’ll help you understand the key principles of running SQL on IaaS, configuring virtual machines, and creating the storage accounts required for backup on Azure Storage.

Need something a little different? We offer many advanced workshops that can be tailored to your requirements and cover virtually all aspects of Microsoft Azure, including:

Azure Information Protection

Data Classification

Data Access Governance

Information Asset Audit

BLOB Storage Setup

Single Sign-On Configuration

Workload Migration

Application Migration

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