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Cloud Backup & Recovery in Azure

Protect Office 365 in Azure

When you move to the cloud, you may find the native Office 365 backup and recovery services can leave you wanting more – especially if you’ve built a comprehensive DR strategy on premises.

Using Microsoft Azure in combination with HubStor, you can revolutionise your backup, recovery and your data archiving strategy, while saving time and money.

HubStor lets to take advantage of Azure storage services to protect Exchange online, SharePoint and OneDrive with unlimited retention and fast, flexible and granular recovery that can be driven by users and admins.

You can also protect on-premises workloads in such a way that you can deliver DR as well as data archiving services.

Read our recent article on how the traditional (and distinct) roles of backup and archiving is becoming blurred in the cloud.

  • Protect Exchange mailboxes against accidental or malicious deletions
  • Perform point-in-time recovery & avoid batch restore failures
  • Retain Office 365 event history
  • Auto-discover new mailboxes to backup
  • Backup & restore SharePoint, with permissions intact & auto-discovery of new sites
  • Backup OneDrive for Business data with versioning, de-duplication, compression & encryption
  • Archive leavers’ OneDrives & inactive Teams Sites
  • Capture content from Groups & Team Sites with seamless auto-discovery as new groups come online
  • Perform granular or bulk recovery of data, folders & security ACLs.
Cloud Backup with HubStor

Simplify your DR strategy by leveraging Azure for backup and recovery with the power of HubStor

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HubStor Backup Features.

  • Decide which Azure region is used to host your data.
  • minimum of 3 encrypted synchronous copies are stored.
  • Create shadow copies or use redundancy to sync copies to a second datacenter.
  • Changes are automatically merged into the backup with versioning & point-in-time recovery.
  • Easy-to-use software lets you perform granular or bulk recovery.
  • Recover data to the original or alternate locations.
  • Fast Recovery Time Object (RTO) is possible with HubStor’s patent-pending virtualisation.
  • Provide users with secure, self-service access to their data from the cloud.
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No set up fee

Use existing infrastructure

Pay monthly for what you use

No data lock-in

What makes HubStor different.

With no startup costs and a pay only for month-to-month consumption, and the ability to run HubStor in our own Azure tenant, HubStor’s backup service is a great way to get immediate value from the cloud without commitment.

Unlike other cloud backups for the enterprise, cloud backup with HubStor gives you the power to virtualise subsets of your file share data in a recovery (typically that data which is old). Ghosting data in a recovery scenario provides the fastest Recovery Time Objective for your users and applications.

In addition to a super-fast RTO, HubStor’s patent-pending recovery optimisation avoids you downloading excessive amounts of data from your cloud backup.

Cloud backup can be your go-to recovery solution without impacting your network connection or incurring egress costs.

Simplify your DR strategy by leveraging Azure for backup and recovery with the power of HubStor

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Simplify your DR strategy by leveraging Azure for backup and recovery with the power of HubStor

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