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If your organisation generates huge amounts of data that’s rarely accessed, yet needs to be retained in the long term, Microsoft’s Azure Archive storage now represents great value*.

Getting the maximum value out of the flexibility that Azure storage options offer can be quite a challenge – even for IT experts.

Using HubStor SaaS, either in your Azure tenancy or ours, you can harness all the cost-saving advantages of the Azure Archive Tier (and other tiers), with an array of value-add services that include:

  • Automated tiering – Use analytics-driven policies to intelligently move data between the most appropriate tiers
  • Advanced search –  Quickly pinpoint & retrieve the content you need & minimise data egress costs.
  • App support – Deliver services for archiving & backing up SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, on-premises file shares, etc
  • Analytics – Understand storage costs & associate consumption with users, departments, projects, etc.
  • Compression and single-instancing – Reduce your costs even further
  • Encryption, WORM & data governance – Meet your compliance needs relating to GDPR etc.
  • Resilience – Protect your data with automatic redundancy, versioning & granular recovery
  • eDiscovery, legal hold and export –  Meet the needs of your legal department

*Microsoft recently lowered Archive tier pricing for all regions. In some cases, costs for the Archive tier are as low as 1.5p/GB/year.  For one PB, that works out to a storage cost of around £16,200 annually.

How HubStor for Azure works

It’s easy to get started

Our customers typically use our highly scalable, lightweight app services to deliver a range of services:

  • Provide a transparent extension to your on-premises storage,
  • Accept journaling feeds from Office 365,
  • Ingest legacy email archives, journals and PST files,
  • Run backup and archiving rules against your Office 365 tenant (for mailboxes, OneDrives, SharePoint, Teams (including Teams Chats)

If you have PBs to move, you can use our Azure Import service to side-step network bandwidth issues involved with moving large volumes to the cloud.  Uniquely, HubStor also supports the synchronisation of access rights, metadata, and folder structure for the imported content.

Take full advantage of Microsoft’s archive tier – without the tears!
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cloud security

Not sure what workloads to get going with?

We can help you work out the best candidates for cloud archiving..

Perform a full inventory of your storage: identify stale data, sensitive data (e.g. PI) or regulated information.

Understand how best to profile your data:

  • How many data classifications you need?
  • How frequently each will be accessed?
  • How long will you need to keep the information in each?

Reports and audits give storage and infrastructure administrators the capabilities they need to start deleting, migrating and managing the lifecycle of their data in hybrid cloud environments.

We can help you take full advantage of tiered storage on Microsoft Azure to dramatically reduce your ongoing storage costs.

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