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Cloud retention & fast eDiscovery

Supercharge compliance, retention management and eDiscovery.

The ultimate cloud compliance solution is here.

With HubStor eDiscovery for Azure you can preserve and govern data at low cost and perform powerful on-demand eDiscovery.

Using HubStor for compliance without complexity.

  • Give powerful Azure eDiscovery capabilities to privileged users with role-based access & permissions sync.
  • Use immutable, WORM storage in Azure cloud.
  • Apply retention periods using policies based on folders, owner, access rights, security or record classification & any item-level metadata.
  • Search content by metadata, keywords, access rights, data ownership, detect PII, etc.
  • Place users or groups on legal hold.
  • Put search results on litigation hold, add them to cases & apply tags.
  • Export what you need for further review.
  • Audit all activity.

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No set up fee

Use existing infrastructure

Pay monthly for what you use

No data lock-in

What makes HubStor different.

Unlike legacy archives, HubStor empowers you to intuitively index portions of your archive — by content types, users, groups, data ranges, etc.

Now you can index only what needs to be searched — keeping costs low and delivering results faster.

HubStor clients see searches with over 1,000,000 hits returned in less than a second.

In the cloud, your search cluster can be scaled up to quickly tackle a large indexing backlog — and then scaled back down when performance demand is lower, keeping your search costs as low as possible.

With no startup costs and a pay only for month-to-month consumption, and the ability to run HubStor in our own Azure tenant, HubStor’s retention and eDiscovery service is a great way to get immediate value from the cloud without commitment.

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Leverage Azure for your DR strategy with the power of HubStor

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