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On-premises Backup & Recovery in Azure

Protect your on-premises data & applications in Azure

Leveraging public cloud infrastructure for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery is an everyday use-case.

Not all cloud data protection technologies are equal, however!  You may find you are waiting for longer and paying over the odds when it comes to recovery.

By combining Azure Blob tiered storage with HubStor’s unique recovery optimisation service you can protect your on-premises workloads in a way that boosts business continuity and saves you money.

On-premises Storage backup in Azure with HubStor

Super-Fast Recovery Times

Unlike traditional backup systems, HubStor has the ability to virtualise or ‘ghost’ targeted subsets of your data according to policies you define.

This results in converting stale data into small pointer files (shortcuts) which seamlessly perform a recall when a user or application opens them.

In the event of a restore, only the most recent data gets fully ‘pulled down’ from the cloud.  Not only does this save cloud egress costs, it massively reduces recovery time, with any items restored as just a shortcut retrieved on demand as needed.

Unrivalled, Multi-Layer Security

By default, HubStor detects and captures any changes within 30 seconds of it occurring.

You can control how long all versions of files are kept, with the ability to define the number of daily, weekly and monthly versions you require.

There is also a minimum of three synchronous copies of the data, and you can upgrade to have three additional copies in a secondary cloud data centre!

Ransomware Protection

HubStor provides point-in-time recovery to restore your file shares to a last known healthy state.

If you’re also concerned with malicious or accidental activity against your cloud storage account, HubStor can additionally create a backup copy of the data in a shadow cloud storage account.

Super-Easy Implementation

There’s no appliance to manage: HubStor runs as fully-managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in your own Azure tenancy or ours.

We will guide you through the process of defining, implementing and refining a Business Continuity plan that leverages Azure and HubStor capability.

With HubStor you also have the opportunity to transform the way you do storage and massively reduce your on-premises storage hardware costs AND improve your data governance.

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HubStor Backup Features

  • All Azure regions available to choose from
  • Resilience against availability issues by selecting other Azure data centres to sync to
  • One touch, automatic backup – automatically merge changes into backup
  • Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Ability to provide self service access for individual users
  • Quickly expand storage space if you’re running out
  • Adjust backup parameters to meet throttling requirements or new compliance/legislative requirements.
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No set up fee

Use existing infrastructure

Pay monthly for what you use

No data lock-in

What makes HubStor different?

With no startup costs, a pay-as-you-go consumption, and the ability to run HubStor in your own Azure tenant, HubStor’s Cloud backup service is a great way to get immediate value from the cloud without commitment.

Unlike other cloud backup vendors, HubStor’s gives you the power to virtualise subsets of your file share data (typically older, inactive data) to provide the fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your users and applications.

In addition to a super-fast RTO, HubStor’s unique recovery optimisation avoids downloading excessive amounts of data from your cloud backup – saving you money.

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Simplify your on-premises workload by leveraging Azure for backup and recovery with the power of HubStor

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