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Webinar: Learning in the Flow of Work

Allow your employees to learn together, grow and connect in one, streamlined platform: Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Live Event (Recording)

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Keeping staff motivated and supported when delivering training and other content is more important than ever.  Watch this webinar to see how you can transform your (now familiar) collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, to bring everything into a shared workspace that’s easy and compelling for employees to work with.

In this webinar you will discover how to:

  • Deliver your own training content alongside that available from Microsoft, GitHub & LinkedIn
  • Track engagement with all forms of training, including new workplace safety procedures & compliance updates
  • Personalise the learning experience to individual’s needs
  • Embed your training content within a team & use AI to help staff navigate what’s available
  • Promote a collaborative learning experience
  • Support your own staff as well as guests (i.e. partners, clients) with training content

Travis Campbell, Senior Business Manager, LMS365


Charles Ross, Key Account Manager,
Cloud Essentials

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