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The Microsoft-Centric Solution for Law Firms, In-house Legal & Corporate Business Matters

With cloud computing on the horizon for all business verticals, including law firms and corporate legal, there’s the opportunity to move to smarter and more cost-effective ways of working.

This is particularly true of Microsoft 365, where its support for secure and effective remote working from any device, document sharing and face-to-face conversations with clients and team members proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, working with Cloud Essentials and its enterprise content management partner, Repstor, you can exploit Microsoft 365 to revolutionise your matter, knowledge and content management capability:

  • Ensure rapid and wholesale adoption through seamless integration with core tools, including Outlook email.
  • Ease administration by using existing security and data governance controls.
  • Save costs by using existing licences and skills, and enabling fee earners to be more productive.

Ideal for many different departmental needs within your enterprise, such as human resources, legal, project management, logistics and procurement.

In addition to provisioning the Repstor platform and migrating content from legacy document management systems, we can help fast-track your cloud journey – and your ROI – with:

  • Secure and seamless onboarding to Office 365.
  • Accelerated user adoption of platforms like Teams.
  • Specialist legal advisory services designed to optimise Microsoft data protection controls for your business.
  • Digital transformation of other line of business applications, including the provisioning of on demand eDiscovery services in Microsoft Azure.

Custodian has outstanding functionality – it is a class above the other products out there and it integrates so seamlessly with Outlook that our users barely know it is even there.

Colin ShortCIO, Adams & Adams, Adams & Adams

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Full Lifecycle Management

Repstor’s Custodian is the intuitive case manager for Office 365.

It extends the capabilities of SharePoint Online to streamline, track and manage matters from start to finish:

  • Quickly and easily configure new DMS applications that reflect the needs of departments or the enterprise.
  • Use different forms, content types, document templates and workflows based on case/application.
  • Automatically ‘push out’ cases to relevant parties and make them immediately accessible through Outlook.
  • Create a secure portal for managing interaction with external parties.
  • Assign approval requests to selected parties or groups and automate sign-off using DocuSign, etc.
  • Set retention policies for each document or case type.
  • A timeline of all activities lets you add notes and show and change status.

Outlook & Teams-Centric Working

For each new matter a SharePoint site is created with folder structures, metadata, permissions and precedent documents that are automatically exposed via Outlook, Teams and Office applications.

  • Emails or attachments sent or received via Outlook are quickly and easily filed into the relevant matter folder along with additional meta data and flags.
  • A filing assistant learns how you organise and makes suggestions for future filing destinations.
  • A ‘Hubs’ feature enables Teams to be grouped according to business functions, simplifying navigation.
  • Custodian Teams are created according to a tightly governed process and prevent sensitive content from getting into the wrong hands or being kept too long.
Outlook integrated document and matter management
Outlook integrated matter and document management for Office 365

Ultimate User Efficiency

Custodian boosts native Office 365 functionality with advanced features designed to meet business targets, add new value for clients and enable lawyers to focus on high value work.

  • Allow secure, anytime, anywhere access with mobile device support and offline  operation.
  • Increase team efficiency with seamless collaboration on matters and co-authoring on documents.
  • Automatically create standard documents such as NDAs and licencing agreements, and automate sign-off using DocuSign, etc.
  • Refine Microsoft search with bespoke properties.
  • Use Power BI combined with precedents and know-how libraries to deliver powerful oversight.

Ensure a Smooth Migration From Existing Document Management System

Thankfully, migrating from an existing document management system is easier, quicker and less risky than you might think.

Cloud Essentials can migrate your existing document management platform across to Custodian, ensuring all existing metadata, versioning and audit history, file plans and taxonomies are replicated and the historic data injected into the new platform with minimal disruption to business.

This is especially the case for users of third-party systems like iManage, that also work from directly within the Office suite (Outlook, Word, PDF, Excel, PPT etc.), for record declarations, filing suggestions and automation.

Get mobile access to matters
Access and file matters while you're on the move

Key Benefits

By exploiting your existing Office 365 platform, you can:

  • Minimise learning curves and remove barriers to adoption by providing an interface everyone’s immediately comfortable with.
  • Streamline client communications and partner collaboration through tight integration with standard Outlook email, calendaring and document creation.
  • Enable secure access from home or on-the-go – without any complex provisioning or special VPNs.
  • Simplify management by layering over the top of existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure and settings for controlling access rights, network security, backup and recovery, etc.
  • Take advantage of the broader Microsoft platform with services that include deep analytics, data loss prevention (DLP) and compliance with data protection best practices.
  • Quickly and economically deploy matter management without the need for custom development.
  • Work with experts that understand the technological as well as the legal landscape

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