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With data residing in the cloud and users working remotely and on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to ensure your enterprise – and the data you store – is kept safe.

We can help you build an end-to-end strategy and management infrastructure that ensures security is properly defined, implemented, managed and audited across your cloud environment and at every layer, including the ‘human layer’.

We will bring you up-to-speed with the latest Microsoft security capabilities in Office 365 and Azure, and ensure you have all the optimum settings configured.

Services include:


Security Baseline Workshop

Security requirements analysis

Review of Microsoft security

Risk review


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Identity & Access Management

Active Directory review

AD clean-up recommendations

Authentication model review

Conditional access policies options

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Active Directory Essentials

AD risk assessment

Management reporting

Problem remediation recommendations

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Get a security audit.

If you’re already in the cloud, an audit or risk assessment can provide peace-of-mind that everything has been appropriately deployed and there’s no imminent risk.

Delivered as a service from us, or using self-service tools, you can run proactive reporting, perform risk analysis and get real time alerts.

Perform a full inventory of your AD, gathering in-depth information about the configuration of your directory including all objects, relationships, permissions and ownership, privileged accounts, security settings, domain controller configurations and so on.

Understand all potential risk conditions, such as stale or unneeded distribution groups, empty groups, unused staff,  contractor and service accounts, inappropriate use of privileged accounts and more.

Advanced reporting combined with ‘what if’ modelling will help you determine immediate fixes.  You’ll also have the foundation for establishing a roadmap that meets the goals of the multiple parties in your organisation that have a vested interest in maintaining a well-defined AD structure.

We’ll show how you can define workflows and processes that provide oversight, prevention and remediation of incidents that do not comply with GDPR and other legislative and business demands.

It is no small achievement to reduce a corporate enterprise data footprint this significantly in a responsible, well planned and executed manner.

Pierre Blignaut,Information Manager, Alexander Forbes

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