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Get tangible storage savings.

Understanding, managing and securing unstructured data on enterprise storage systems whilst finding ways to reduce your operational and capital costs, can present significant challenges to organisations of every size.

We can help you shrink storage costs both on premises and in the cloud and identify your optimal storage options in Microsoft 365 or Azure.

Our Microsoft experts deliver a range of workshop subjects designed help you profile your on-premises data storage, get your storage in order, and understand the options open to you for managing storage in the cloud.

Data Governance Best Practice

SharePoint Site Clean Up

File & Email Migration

Azure & Digital Transformation

Fast Start for IaaS

Identity & Access Mgt


Define your strategy

Working with the key data stakeholders within your company (including your assigned GDPR Data Protection Officer) we can help you formulate a management strategy for your on-premises and cloud storage.


Profile your storage

Start auditing your storage in line with your strategy:  analyse ‘dark data’, including stale data on file shares and SharePoint.  Identify what can be defensibly deleted ahead of your move, and understand the best options for future storage, management and protection.


Shrink your storage costs

Migrate and delete data accordingly and start seeing cost savings.

Reporting and monitoring throughout the process will give you peace of mind that everything is going to plan.

Let us help you build an on-premises & cloud storage strategy.
Start your cloud journey
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Best of breed solutions.

We can put you in control of your storage, both on-premises and the cloud.

Perform a full inventory of your storage: identify stale data, sensitive data (e.g. PI) or regulated information.

Understand how best to profile your data:

  • How many data classifications you need?
  • How frequently each will be accessed?
  • How long will you need to keep the information in each?

Reports and audits give storage and infrastructure administrators the capabilities they need to start deleting, migrating and managing the lifecycle of their data in hybrid cloud environments.

We can help you take full advantage of tiered storage on Microsoft Azure to dramatically reduce your ongoing storage costs.

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