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Webinar - Exit from 3rd-Party Security

Where in the past it was good practice to get a best-of-breed security third-party solution for areas such as email hygiene and mobile device management to run alongside Office 365, Microsoft arguably now matches and exceeds the protection you can achieve with point solutions.

In this webinar you will:

• Hear why Microsoft delivers a bigger and better proposition than ‘point solutions’

• Learn how you can successfully transition from 3rd-party solutions

• Discover the best strategy for exiting 3rd-party solutions such as Mimecast, including how to ‘rescue’ your journal (and where to put it)

Highlights include:
Min 18:40 – Weighing up the cost of changing from 3rd-party platforms
Min 28:30 – What has changed to suggest Exchange online has improved its anti-spam & anti phishing capability?

We will also look at a cost comparison example and help you formulate your next steps should you want to ‘move on’.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Alexander Forbes
Lorentzen & Stemoco