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Email Compliance Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

Email Compliance Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

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Discover how you can use Azure to provide email journaling, retention management and eDiscovery to meet your email compliance needs.

When you move to Office 365, you’ll discover there’s no equivalent to the Exchange single-instanced journal mailbox.

Instead, you have the option to:

  1. Use Office 365’s Litigation Hold to preserve data (even if users delete it),
  2. Keep an Exchange server running on-premises to provide journaling, or
  3. Invest in a third-party archive in the cloud (with the risk of high exit charges at a later date).

Now you can meet your regulatory or legal needs for email capture and retention using Azure.

Using Azure we can help you can provision a dedicated SMTP journal, archive and search solution.

Get a low-cost, zero lock-in approach to meeting your legislative and business compliance storage and data discovery needs.

By simply configuring Office 365 Journal Rules you can capture a single-instanced journal stream into the Azure journal.

We can also migrate any historic emails from legacy on-premises Exchange servers journal mailboxes and third-party archives such as Enterprise Vault into the same secure journal location.

The Result?

By consolidating your current and past journals into Azure you can perform reliable and efficient email eDiscovery in one place, in the knowledge that you are including everything – not just the emails you’ve been capturing since you moved to Office 365.

Benefits include:

  • A cost-effective way of retaining a record of all communications, including past emails belonging to ‘leavers’.
  • Fast eDiscovery and export with role-based access control and auditing.
  • Combined legacy journals and ongoing Office 365 journals stored in one place.
  • Compliant retention either in your own Azure tenant or ours, with the option of WORM storage.
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