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Confidence to advance your compliance journey with Microsoft.

Regulations and technology are both evolving at pace. That can make staying on top of compliance obligations feel like an uphill battle.

It’s all too easy for details to fall through communication gaps between IT and Compliance, leaving your business at risk of serious financial and reputational damage.

Whether you’re addressing known shortfalls, adapting to new regulations or contractual obligations, moving to the cloud, or simply need to reduce expenditure and optimise your Microsoft licences, it’s never too late to correct your compliance trajectory.

How can we help?

Our dedicated Compliance Advisory practice includes Gold Certified Microsoft technicians and extraordinarily tech-savvy legal and risk experts.

This best-of-both-worlds combination means we bring a uniquely well-rounded perspective on compliance best practices and implementation to the table.

Our compliance workshops use a problem-focused, risk-based approach to uncover compliance challenges and their potential impact. Our recommendations are developed through consultation with key stakeholders. They encompass people, processes and technology, resulting in more sustainable – yet agile – compliance frameworks.

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Accelerating your Microsoft 365
compliance journey


Leveling up understanding between IT and Compliance roles

Learning the art of the possible with Microsoft

Reality checks on your risk landscape and compliance maturity


Getting the right people around the table to stimulate progress

Insights upon which to spark well informed, healthy debate

Validation and recommendations from compliance and tech specialists


Realistic, practical roadmaps for logical progression

Increasing value for money from what you’ve already got

Making informed decisions on technology investments

Sustainable approaches to compliance maturity

Combining people, process and technology

Top 6 reasons clients have partnered with us to accelerate their compliance journey (2021)

Desiring better value for money from licensing

Needing to define a sustainable strategy for accelerating initiatives like Data Loss Prevention

New or changed regulations/ contractual obligations

Recent security breaches or compliance failures

Falling behind on compliance strategies

Aligning IT and compliance

Better compliance starts here.

What to expect

  • Governance and technical expertise in concert, for robust, holistic compliance solutions.
  • Risk-based approach to the identification and amelioration of challenges.
  • Practical recommendations for sustainable compliance frameworks.
  • Pragmatic advice on the deployment and implementation of technology.
  • Enhanced understanding of compliance across departments for better buy-in and adoption.
  • A long-term partner to guide your compliance journey and maximise your Microsoft ROI

Our expertise

Few can match the extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge of our team. Experienced in risk and governance, as well as technology specialists, our clients benefit from our unique combination of skills. The team has extensive knowledge of compliance frameworks and knows Microsoft’s ecosystem inside out.

We’re a trusted partner within highly regulated industries. Understanding the complexities, regulatory requirements and information governance challenges faced by them and helping to improve their compliance posture through technology is where we can add real value.

"[Cloud Essentials] depth of knowledge in this space is impressive and as a result of our interaction with them, our own depth of knowledge has increased markedly. I would recommend them with confidence."

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