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Microsoft 365 Security Assessment & Roadmap

Identify and remove the roadblocks holding your security journey back.

The security landscape is constantly in flux, with both threats and protections advancing every day. As a Microsoft cloud customer, your enterprise has access to some of the most comprehensive security capabilities on the market. Taking full advantage of them – particularly in highly regulated industries – isn’t always a straightforward process, however.
In our experience, the key to getting the most from Microsoft’s capabilities is to view security as a journey, not a destination. We’re here to help you map a route that removes all roadblocks and delivers maximum possible impact from day one.

Our Solution

This workshop kicks off with a pre-engagement meeting to explore your existing security posture and current Microsoft licensing.  

Our experts will then plan and implement a full security analysis. This includes a detailed scan of your environment across Microsoft’s view of the Zero Trust pillars (identity management, endpoint management, email security, data governance, data protection and applications management). 

Using these findings, we’ll compile a detailed report with visual indicators of your security maturity levelsThis report forms the basis of the next phase of the workshop: working together to build a practical and actionable roadmap that aligns to your specific security priorities and needs. 


While the specifics of each security assessment and roadmap will vary based on your organisation’s requirements, the key deliverables remain the same. You’ll get a clear picture of your current security gaps, a strategy for improvement, and a practical plan of action in priority order for quicker wins with maximum impact.  

All recommendations are aligned to your business requirements, including your current and future license spend. We’ll leave you ready and able to move into your deployment phase, confident that you’re getting optimal security and value from your Microsoft investment. 

Optional extras include our Microsoft 365 Security Deployment service and specialised data security and governance advice from our expert compliance team. 

Key Themes


Introduce your environment, define your desired outcomes and share any known challenges and/or limitations. 


Explore your existing security posture and find out how it measures up in terms of Microsoft’s Zero Trust Pillars. 


Identify security shortfalls, untapped capabilities, and opportunities to improve your ROI. 

Next Steps

Build a practical and actionable roadmap to get your security journey on track quickly and cost-effectively. 

Get your security journey on track.