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Active Directory Protection

Secure the keys to your kingdom

Active directories are exploited in 90% of cyberattacks. Don’t be a statistic – protect your identities against harm and your organisation against unnecessary downtime.

Your Needs

Securing Active Directory is a complex task at the best of times. It’s even more challenging in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

You need a consolidated solution that can spot vulnerabilities, intercept cyberattacks, and help you recover from data integrity emergencies quickly and accurately. And it needs to work easily across your diverse data estate. 

Our Solution

Our Active Directory Protection solution is a comprehensive and consolidated answer to the challenges of protecting core identity systems in modern, hybrid enterprise environments.  

It offers both protection and recovery capabilities, from multi-dimensional monitoring with active threat intelligence and rapid response, to clean restore, anywhere recovery and advanced automation.  

In the event of an incident, streamlined recovery capabilities reduce downtime from days to minutes. This transforms potentially costly data integrity emergencies into highly manageable (and hardly noticeable) administrative hiccups. 

What's included

AD Security Assessment

to unpack the current status and key vulnerabilities of your existing active directory setup. 

Deployment and configuration

of your Active Directory Protection solution. 

Expert guidance

on integrating AD protection into your broader security and governance landscape. 

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