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The inside track to threat protection.

Security threats are becoming increasingly numerous and sophisticated – as are the technologies available to protect against them. As a result, a lot of organisations are sitting with a tangled web of disparate security solutions. That makes it easy for gaps to creep in, and difficult to investigate and resolve the threats that break through. Microsoft’s powerful security features make it much easier to build a unified security stance. This can improve management, reduce

admin, minimise support time and slash third-party security costs. However, understanding the options available within each licence level – and how to configure them optimally – isn’t easy.

Neither is planning a comprehensive – yet practical – security strategy that takes you from where you are to where you need to be.

How can we help?

As Microsoft cloud security experts, we specialise in creating practical, actionable security strategies centred on Microsoft’s native capabilities.
We’ll work with you to understand your unique security requirements and the people, processes and technology you have in play. We can then identify any gaps and inefficiencies based on industry best practices like Microsoft’s Zero Trust security model.
We use this information to create a pragmatic plan of action, taking into account your specific security priorities, budget and current technology. Maximising your Microsoft 365 ROI is a key part of our service. We always include advice on optimising configuration to get more from your licencing.
Use our skills for assessment and strategy only, or let us work with you throughout your deployment. Compliance and governance strategies can be added, too.

Our solutions

All Cloud Essentials’ security advisory services are offered in workshop format. This enables us to deep-dive into your specific organisational landscape and challenges. From there, we can roadmap practical solutions that meet your current needs and support future developments.

Our Workshops

Security solutions for continuously advancing your maturity levels.  All our workshops are designed to be a catalyst for advancing your cloud journey.  We’ll impart years of specialist knowledge, facilitate high-quality conversations between stakeholders, promote informed decision-making, and point you towards a logical and achievable onward journey.


Accelerating your Microsoft 365 security journey



Industry best practice insights and expert Microsoft-specific advice

Learning the art of the possible with Microsoft

Reality checks on where you are on the Microsoft Secure Score and benchmarking your security position


Assessment against industry best practice including, but not limited to, Microsoft’s Zero Trust Security model

Structured format for data gathering to fully understand business requirements

Validation and recommendations from tech specialists



Realistic, practical roadmaps for logical progression

Increasing value for money from what you’ve already got

Making informed decision on technology investments

Sustainable approaches to security

Combining people, process and technology


What to expect

  • Clarity on where you are in your security journey and where you should ideally aim to be.
  • Pragmatic solutions that take your organisational needs and existing technology into account.
  • Microsoft 365 experts able to optimise what you have while you plan what comes next.
  • Cloud security specialists accustomed to highly regulated industries and stringent security needs.
  • A partnership from initial assessment to deployment and beyond, if necessary.

Good security is a journey.