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Knowledge is power – put it in the right hands.

Access to the right knowledge, in the right format, where and when you need it, can be a critical competitive advantage for your business. But when organisations are generating more data on a daily basis than ever before, forging the right connections without compromising security and compliance isn’t easy.

Getting it right can redefine productivity, efficiency and teamwork. Getting it wrong can have expensive consequences far beyond limiting organisational success.

There are specialist document and knowledge management solutions out there. However, these traditionally on-premises tools have a high price tag and diminishing usability. Our increasingly cloud-based world needs agile, cloud-native solutions. Your users need knowledge at their fingertips, wherever they are.


How can we help?

Our approach is not to add more cost and complexity to your data landscape with third-party DMS solutions. Rather, we consolidate all your content within Microsoft 365 and layer any additional functionality you need on top of Microsoft’s native knowledge management capabilities.

The result is a seamless, custom-fit and surprisingly cost-effective document management experience able to compete with the best third-party solutions around.

Even more importantly, your deployment benefits from all of Microsoft 365’s security, compliance and collaboration capabilities. No additional frameworks or admin necessary.

Your users can also connect with the knowledge they need inside the apps they already use (think Outlook, Teams, Word and Excel). It’s a seamless experience with a familiar interface that puts valuable institutional knowledge front and centre.


Our technology

Content and document management is not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to match your technology to your specific organisational needs. These are just a few of the tools we can use to unlock the value of your content while always putting security and compliance first.

Microsoft 365

As Gold-certified Microsoft partners, we’re perfectly positioned to get more from your Microsoft deployment. We make the most of what you have so you pay less for what you need.

SharePoint Online

Wireframing, migrating and creating a sustainable approach to governance will ensure you can use SharePoint Online to centralise content, control access and collaborate. 

InTapp OnePlace Content & Collaboration

InTapp overlays Microsoft’s SharePoint capability with a familiar matter management interface designed for legal professionals and anyone else managing matterbased content. 

Microsoft Viva Topics

What to expect

  • Advice driven by hands-on experience with current and legacy DMS and knowledge management tools.
  • Clarity on your specific security and data governance considerations, vulnerabilities, potential cost savings and best practices.
  • Accountability from a team of experts in migration and knowledge management.
  • A security and compliance focus that extends to good data classification and structure.
  • A long-term partner to maximise your Microsoft ROI.
knowledge-and-content management

With knowledge, you can achieve more.