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Email Preservation and Migration Workshop

Gain clarity and make better decisions about your approach to email preservation

Migrating legacy email can be on the critical path to making progress in Microsoft 365 adoption and decommissioning expensive archive platforms. It’s complicated and high risk.
Having access to specialist migration tools is only half the battle. A clear strategy and detailed migration process are necessary for success. Our experts can help you build a robust plan.

Our Solution

We have many years of experience in large scale, complex email archive migrations.  In this one hour workshop, our experts will help to clarify the best strategy for your business moving forward.  We will bring clarity to your compliance and operational requirements to preserve email.

Designed for organisations investing in a Microsoft cloud future, with legacy email archives holding them back, we’ll explain how you can take advantage of email preservation features in your Microsoft 365 licence, and present the options available to preserve email not suitable for Microsoft 365.


Our experts will provide guidance on the mindset shift from traditional email archiving to modern retention management in Microsoft 365.  We tailor the agenda of the workshop to suit your organisation’s requirements.

We’ll facilitate the discussion to define your requirements for preservation from an operational, regulatory and best practice standpoint.

And make recommendations based on our experience and best practice on your data migration approach, including the best extraction formats to preserve meta data from any third party journal service, as well as long term planning considerations, taking into account future plans.

Key Themes

Expert discussion

A review of your business and legislative requirements for email capture, retention and disposition.

Best practice guidance

We’ll share our expertise and how similar organisations have tackled email preservation and migration projects.

Facilitated debate

To define your requirements for preservation from an operational, regulatory and best practice standpoint, and consider the art of the possible for preservation in Exchange Online and alternative platforms.

Practical recommendations

Based on real-world examples, we’ll leave you with recommendations for your data migration approach.

Explore email preservation with us

Workshop Agenda

Tailored to suit your requirements, based on completion of a pre-workshop questionnaire, our experts will explore the following areas with you:

Where are you now?

How you use Mimecast services and data retained in the platform

Where you are on your Microsoft 365 security and compliance journey

Your approach to retention management, compliance requirements and policies

Where do you want to be?

Your direction of travel with preservation of 'unstructured data' like email in Microsoft 365

Quick wins for getting more value from Microsoft 365 in readiness for transition from Mimecast

Options for email preservation on maximum utilisation of Microsoft 365 and optimising cloud storage

How will you get there?

Improve your understanding of relevant features in Microsoft 365 such as Defender and how retention works

The process of migration of data from Mimecast into Microsoft 365

Illustration of a realistic project flight plan and timescales

Our expertise

Some of our largest projects have involved email archive migration at scale, migrating over 180TB of legacy email archives into a cloud-based solution.  We understand the architecture, extraction nuances and the best tools to migrate at speed.  We are Microsoft Gold certified partners and content management experts. 

We consider the bigger picture and work in partnership with our clients to ensure that email archive migration projects achieve a secure, compliant and consolidated environment, laying the foundations you need to take advantage of future innovations.   

What our clients are saying about our workshops

We found the process of completing the Microsoft 365 Compliance Assessment with Cloud Essentials very useful. It was a catalyst to bring together all the stakeholders in the project and to build together a prioritised roadmap. We really benefitted from Cloud Essentials' understanding of the inner workings of Microsoft Purview, combined with their knowledge of the legislative and regulatory compliance landscape. It's provided us with a springboard for success as we prioritise improving data governance and reducing data risk.

Compliance Assessment Client

“Cloud Essentials has been essential to BulkSMS in ensuring we advance our data protection maturity in the local and global markets. We engaged with both the Data Privacy Assessment and Advisory Workshop and the Data Classification Taxonomy Workshop, which were run professionally by Cloud Essentials. In the workshops the Cloud Essentials data privacy team did a deep dive into the complexities of our operations and BulkSMS has benefited from their expert legal, compliance and technical advice in future-proofing our data protection programme.”

Privacy Officer

"I found Cloud Essentials’ approach to dealing with the process of demystifying data classification to be very effective at taking what seemed like a daunting and complex environment and breaking it down into sensible and easily consumable parts. Their depth of knowledge in this space is impressive and as a result of our interaction with them, our own depth of knowledge has increased markedly. I would recommend them with confidence."

Managing Director

"The Cloud Essentials team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Microsoft realm which has added massive value to our business."

Insurance company

Head of IT

"We found the data privacy workshop informative and effective. It was extremely valuable and provided actionable insights into our compliance journey."

Compliance client

Privacy Officer