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...taking the complexity & risk out of your Microsoft cloud journey.

Your priorities around the cloud may have changed recently. Here's what we're mainly speaking to people about:

Secure remote working

FastTrack your collaboration security as you switch wholesale into remote working in response to COVID-19.

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Teams & SharePoint Integrated Learning

Support your remote & furloughed staff with training.  Communicate new health & safety policies as you return to the workplace.

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Safe sharing

Ensure your business has a good grip on data privacy & that you’re using all available controls in your Microsoft Office 365 licence to protect data.

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Azure Remote Working (VDI etc)

We can help you work out your best strategy for using the cloud to support remote workers.

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Tenant to Tenant Migration

We are the one-stop-shop for all your Tenant to Tenant migration needs, including the gnarliest AD consolidation, governance issues & hybrid scenarios.

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Better Business Visibility

Don’t lose track of what’s happening in your business.  Track activities, service health, security & other key performance indicators.

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How can we make remote training & communications engaging?

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Let us help you build a cloud strategy that meets your business, practical & compliance needs.

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