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Exiting Mimecast? Learn from the experts...
We know that deciding it's time to make the leap often creates more questions than it does answers.
This eBook contains vital best practice and expert insights to guide your discussions in the right direction to make sure you cover all bases and kick off a streamlined and successful migration.
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Mimecast exit strategy eBook

If you’ve already decided that exiting Mimecast makes strategic and financial sense for your organisation, this eBook should be on your vital preparation reading list. 

This eBook will help ensure that you consider all the options to develop and implement a future-proofed, successful email retention strategy, as you exit Mimecast.

We’ve combined our experts’ latest thinking, insights from our experience helping our clients with large scale email archive migrations and inside out knowledge of the Microsoft 365 landscape.

Download our comprehensive guide to discover:

  • Important questions to ask when choosing a new home for your legacy email data

  • An outline of Microsoft 365’s approach to email retention, archiving and journaling

  • Top tips for preparing a successful migration

  • An overview of the three migration stages and key considerations for each

  • Advice on what to do next

If you’d like to discuss your migration with our experts, we’d love to discuss your challenges.

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"We're being asked how organisations can future-proof their next steps with email and archives, ensure security and compliance and minimise cost. In our minds, the two biggest questions to answer are 'Where is it going?' and 'How will you get there?' Answer those correctly, and the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place."