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Microsoft Viva – Art of the Possible

Unlock the power of your organisation’s collective knowledge

Today’s employees spend countless hours searching for – and recreating – work-related information. Imagine how much more efficient and effective they would be if the entire organisation’s knowledge base was already at their fingertips?
Learn how to use Microsoft’s extraordinary knowledge and content-management capabilities to put the full force of your institutional knowledge at your teams’ beck and call.

Your productivity will thank you. Your competition won’t.

Our Solution

Take an expert-led tour of Microsoft’s knowledge and content management tools, centred on Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex.  

Experience the power of immersive, personalised employee experiences, complete with curated content, info recommendations, tasks, and formal and informal learning opportunities. Then, put our experts to work devising the most impactful implementation of these capabilities within your particular workflows and organisational structure. 


This three-phase workshop kicks off with an analysis of your environmental challenges and opportunities. We use this to identify key business stakeholders, provide an accurate project scope, and introduce Microsoft Viva in the most relevant context for your organisation. 

The next phase showcases exactly how Microsoft Viva can transform your employee experience through an immersive demonstration of its capabilities.  

Our experts then work with you to pair Microsoft Viva features to your unique business challenges. These form the foundation of our recommendations, which are supplied in the form of a practical roadmap and adoption framework designed to optimise your Microsoft Viva journey. 

Key Themes


Unpack the needs and challenges of your knowledge-scape, define your project scope and stakeholders and introduce Microsoft Viva in context. 


Enjoy a hands-on demonstration the immersive employee experience Microsoft Viva Topics can deliver within your environment. 


Identify key features in Microsoft Viva that answer your unique business challenges to create an optimal deployment plan. 

Next Steps

Receive clear and actionable next steps in the form of a custom roadmap and Microsoft Viva adoption framework. 

Knowledge is power. Put it in the right hands.