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Microsoft 365 Compliance Assessment

Shine a light into the dark to uncover hidden risk and dark data and learn how to protect and govern your Microsoft 365 environment with confidence

Microsoft 365 offers you a wealth of powerful capability to improve the way you manage, protect and govern your information so that you can meet regulatory demands and reduce risk.
Our proven formula for success with Microsoft compliance gives overwhelmed Compliance and Risk officers a fast start by creating a tailored roadmap to guide you through the evolution of policy through to deployment, relevant to your situation and regulatory demands.

Our Solution

Through a series of engagements and interactive workshops, our multi-disciplinary team of Microsoft compliance and tech experts deliver a tailored roadmap and recommendations to provide the clarity and direction required to make a flying start. We benchmark your organisation’s current position by assessing your Microsoft technology controls against your compliance obligations.

We engage with key stakeholders across your business to align understanding and working practices and we analyse your environment using Microsoft 365 tools to help you understand your risk landscape.

Our team is able to break down the barriers between IT, Business and Risk using the appropriate language for each audience to get the necessary buy in and give advice about deployment of Microsoft Purview technology in your business.


The outcomes from our Microsoft Office 365 compliance assessment include:

A view on your current position on compliance in Microsoft 365 and other areas of vulnerability

A greater understanding on what’s available to you from Microsoft 365

Engagement in high quality conversations on key topics with relevant stakeholders across your organisation

A realistic roadmap for deployment and documented recommendations to reduce risk

Quick wins on using capability that you already own, increasing value from your licence spend

Guidance on improving the effectiveness of your compliance programme using Microsoft controls

The insights and roadmap generated at the end of the Assessment form a robust basis for your ongoing compliance journey. Tailored for your unique business needs, we can help you on this journey with our Compliance Accelerator Programme.

Key Themes


Discover how to protect and govern your sensitive data and manage and mitigate risk in your organisation


Assess your current position on compliance maturity in Microsoft 365 against relevant regulations


Explore the compliance features available within Microsoft and the ways they could improve your compliance stance

Next Steps

Create practical, actionable next steps to address immediate compliance shortfalls and improve your long-term compliance trajectory with a clear roadmap

Want to accelerate your compliance journey?

Our expertise

Few can match the extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge of our team.  Experienced in risk and governance, as well as technology specialists, our clients benefit from our unique combination of skills. 

The team has extensive knowledge of compliance frameworks and knows Microsoft’s ecosystem inside out. 

We’re a trusted partner within highly regulated industries. Understanding the complexities, regulatory requirements and information governance challenges faced by them and helping to improve their compliance posture through technology is where we can add real value.

What our clients are saying about the workshops

We found the process of completing the Microsoft 365 Compliance Assessment with Cloud Essentials very useful. It was a catalyst to bring together all the stakeholders in the project and to build together a prioritised roadmap. We really benefitted from Cloud Essentials' understanding of the inner workings of Microsoft Purview, combined with their knowledge of the legislative and regulatory compliance landscape. It's provided us with a springboard for success as we prioritise improving data governance and reducing data risk.

Compliance Assessment Client

“Cloud Essentials has been essential to BulkSMS in ensuring we advance our data protection maturity in the local and global markets. We engaged with both the Data Privacy Assessment and Advisory Workshop and the Data Classification Taxonomy Workshop, which were run professionally by Cloud Essentials. In the workshops the Cloud Essentials data privacy team did a deep dive into the complexities of our operations and BulkSMS has benefited from their expert legal, compliance and technical advice in future-proofing our data protection programme.”

Privacy Officer

"I found Cloud Essentials’ approach to dealing with the process of demystifying data classification to be very effective at taking what seemed like a daunting and complex environment and breaking it down into sensible and easily consumable parts. Their depth of knowledge in this space is impressive and as a result of our interaction with them, our own depth of knowledge has increased markedly. I would recommend them with confidence."

Managing Director

"The Cloud Essentials team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Microsoft realm which has added massive value to our business."

Insurance company

Head of IT

"We found the data privacy workshop informative and effective. It was extremely valuable and provided actionable insights into our compliance journey."

Compliance client

Privacy Officer