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Whether you’re planning a migration to the cloud, or you’re there already, you want to be sure you’ve done everything you can to be secure.

Will the cloud let us manage & protect data in the same way as on-premises? Have we configured everything we can in Office 365 and our network?  What about remote access?  Do we need to use additional third-party solutions?  What should our data privacy policies be? 

Together we can make sure you have the optimal settings for what you have already licenced.  And, if you’ve an existing investment in third-party security solutions, we can help you get the most from them too (or save money by switching to the equivalent service from Microsoft).

Services include:


Security Baseline Workshop

All the assurance you need that your Office 365 deployment has secure foundations.  This practical 2 day service is ideal starting point on your cloud journey.

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Security for Remote Workers

The fastest way to secure personal and mobile devices for remote work using your existing Microsoft Office 365 licensing & third-party security apps.

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Security Review

If you’ve been in the cloud for a while, and are about to drive increased adoption or make a major change, such as a tenant migration, this service is ideal.

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It is no small achievement to reduce a corporate enterprise data footprint this significantly in a responsible, well planned and executed manner.

Pierre Blignaut,Information Manager, Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes Starts Cloud Journey With On-premises Storage Saving & Security Assessment

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