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Powered by EDT software, the Cloud Essentials eDiscovery platform gives law firms, regulators and in-house legal teams complete and affordable case management and discovery capability – on demand.

The platform both integrates and simplifies activities end-to-end: from data collection, processing, analysis, review and production – right through to presentation in court – saving you time and money, and avoiding the need to outsource work.

Following collection, all the data is processed once, and only once, and then analysed and reviewed in one place, all on the same platform.  This means as new facts emerge (or people change their minds), you can make changes to filters, amend keywords and add new items to the review – at any point in the process and with no penalty.

ediscovery ingest analyse review produce present


Ingest large volumes of data from multiple sources, formats & custodians, fast.


Perform iterative analysis & sampling, check proportionality & cost impact.


Web-based review & redaction without conversion to image.


Export documents in all standard load file formats with bates numbering & audit trail.

Delivering real benefits in eDiscovery for modern legal teams

Flexible pricing making it affordable, transparent and fair.

Simple to manage data throughout the case as there is no need to move data

Produce load files for any third-party review platform at any time

In-depth early analysis is available as soon as your data ingestion has commenced

No need to wait for data processing to be completed before commencing your analysis

Change culling filters with ease and assess their impact before applying them to your dataset. Drill down into documents, run budget calculators and investigate data volume impacts

If you need to change culling criteria after documents have been promoted for review, it’s simple & quick to ‘dip back into the well’ at no cost

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A one-stop-shop platform.

Secure Azure hosting

Provisioned on-demand – sized to suit.

On-demand expertise.

Legal, compliance & IT support as needed.

Collection from anywhere.

Ingest from virtually any source or format.

Pay as you go.

A simple, monthly fee based on storage consumption.

Solutions that empower.

Latest insights.

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