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eDiscovery is a wide, multi-disciplinary subject that typically falls between two areas of expertise: Technology and Legal.

For example:

  • The process of preserving & collecting data for analysis can be technically complex.
  • Managing the procedural aspects of eDiscovery demands in-depth legal expertise.

Cloud Essentials combines best-of-breed cloud eDiscovery software with specialist know-how and training for both IT and Legal teams so you can reduce the costs, delays and risks in responding to an investigation or a subject access request.

In-house eDiscovery

We can help you with the process of data preservation, collection, search and analysis, including working with Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery and other tools to prepare data in readiness for review by in-house or outside legal teams.

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eDiscovery for Law Firms & Regulators

Cloud Essentials delivers an on-demand, cloud platform for eDiscovery, litigation and investigations.  It integrates data processing, analysis, review and production features and can even be used by law firms and in-house legal teams to prepare for and present in court.

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