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Office 365 Journaling & Archiving in Azure

What? No Journal?

When you move to Office 365, you’ll discover there’s no equivalent to the Exchange single-instanced journal mailbox.

Instead, you have the option to:

1) use Office 365’s Litigation Hold to preserve data (even if users delete it),

2) keep an Exchange server running on-premises to provide journaling, or

3) use a third-party archive in the cloud (with the risk of high exit charges at a later date).

Now you can meet your regulatory or legal needs for email capture and retention Microsoft Azure.

HubStor for Microsoft Azure delivers a cloud-based SMTP journal, archive and search solution with a low-cost, zero lock-in approach to meeting your legislative and business compliance storage and data discovery needs.

Conventional email journalling VS the equivalent in Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 email journalling in Azure using HubStor.

By simply configuring Office 365 Journal Rules you can capture a single-instanced journal stream into compliant storage in Azure, either in your Azure tenant or HubStor’s, with the option of WORM storage.

HubStor’s highly scalable SMTP service offers high performance and failover.  You also get fast eDiscovery and export with role-based access control and auditing.

Combine legacy journals and ongoing Office 365 journals in one place.

Any historic emails from legacy on-premises Exchange servers journal mailboxes can be securely migrated into the same secure journal location in Azure.

You can also migrate journals stored in third-party archives, ensuring vital envelope data (including BCC’d recipient and distribution list member meta-data) is properly reconstructed and fully discoverable.

This means you can perform reliable and efficient email eDiscovery in one place, in the knowledge that you are including everything – not just the emails you’ve been capturing since you moved to Office 365.

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Using HubStor for Office 365 email archiving.

Although migrating mailbox archives to Office 365 can be a great strategy, sometimes it makes sense to move legacy email records to another platform.

You might decide to sideline leavers’ mailboxes or old public folders, or perhaps you want to end-of-life the contents of an on-premises archive.

Microsoft Azure, combined with HubStor, delivers a low-cost, intelligent archive and advanced search and eDiscovery platform.

We can also ingest content from any enterprise email archive, as well as PST files, eliminating the costs and risks associated with keeping email archives on-premises.

A chargeback capability means you can apportion costs to different parts of the organisation based on their cloud storage consumption, or simply understand how storage resources in the cloud are being are consumed.

Perform eDiscovery in the cloud and streamline the process of collecting relevant content.

Advanced search & eDiscovery.

HubStor includes eDiscovery features for creating cases, placing holds and retention policies, performing fast, scalable and targeted searches, and exporting cases with role-based access control.

You can perform complex searching or basic keyword and metadata queries. You can also look for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data such as credit card numbers.

End users can access their archives securely through HubStor’s web-based access interface. In the Web portal, users can browse, search, and retrieve their items according to security policies and access controls.

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What makes HubStor different.

A critical aspect of the HubStor journaling and archive service is the cancel-at-any-time, pay-as-you-go subscription.

Unlike other cloud vendors that charge exorbitant extraction fees, HubStor simply links the cost of extracting your email records to metered Azure usage.

This makes it super easy to move your email if your plans change.

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No set up fee

Pay monthly for what you use

No data lock-in

Use existing infrastructure

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HubStor empowers your Azure tiered storage.


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