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StorSimple alternative

Why HubStor is a great alternative to StorSimple

HubStor is a great StorSimple alternative. HubStor is very similar to StorSimple as it still uses Azure but delivers many additional services and features that will give you greater control over your data, lower costs and advanced search. And, if you change your mind in the future, there’s zero lock-in.

IT professionals who have evaluated cloud gateway solutions such as StorSimple, Nasuni, SoftNAS, and Amazon Storage Gateway as an option for storing data in the cloud fully appreciate the HubStor value proposition.

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HubStor vs StorSimple.

Learn the pillars of our competitive advantage!

Much more than storage & DR.

HubStor offers a range of SaaS applications that enterprise clients use for secure cloud archiving, seamless file system storage tiering and backup and granular restore.  It also delivers more advanced services including legal hold, an Office 365 journaling service, WORM compliance and eDiscovery.

security advantage.

Competitors’ security depth starts and ends with encryption. In addition to encryption features for data-at-rest and data-in-motion, HubStor includes data leak prevention, directory and access rights synchronisation, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, single tenancy architecture, role-based access, activity intelligence, and no-shared-secret cloud ingestion. HubStor exclusively uses Azure AD as its trusted identity provider for authentication.

Fully managed search
in the cloud.

HubStor includes a fully-managed search service for content indexing with the ability to scope indexing with policies. The search cluster can be scaled up for performance demands and scaled back down or paused during quiet periods to mitigate costs. Search results are actionable – you can place them on hold, add them to a case, and easily export them. Search can also identify private/sensitive data such a credit card numbers or SSNs. Our competitors either have no search or a search that requires development work to integrate.

Data-aware storage
with integrated data governance.

With our competitors, there is no easy, built-in way to analyze and manage your data in the cloud. HubStor is the only data-aware cloud storage solution, providing automated analytics of data-at-rest and activity auditing. HubStor also uniquely dovetails data-ware insights with its near-real-time policy engine and data governance controls for chargeback, retention, discovery, and tagging.

Zero lock-in,
both contractually and technically.

HubStor provides you with the ability to bulk egress your data from the service at any time, on your own, without term commitments, upfront requirements, or cancellation fees. Other solutions make it complicated to retrieve data, and they may have contractual complexities around term commitments and cancelling out of the service.

Global scale-out architecture.

Unlike competitors, HubStor can scale a single tenant in the cloud across multiple Azure datacenter regions (in order to satisfy data residency and network optimisation requirements) while maintaining a convenient, central user experience.

Single-tenant deployment model.

Competitor solutions are multi-tenancy, meaning that they commingle customer data on shared resources and have the problem of noisy neighbours. Many enterprises do not like this because it is not secure by default. HubStor is the only vendor that offers a fully-managed single tenancy solution which can run from HubStor’s Azure account or yours.

Virtual cloud gateway,
not an appliance.

Other cloud gateway offerings are a hardware or virtual appliance. This method adds infrastructure (cached storage) for you to manage, and it requires you to migrate data or reconfigure apps to their gateway’s new storage mount point. HubStor’s cloud gateway is a pure software approach that uniquely synchronizes and moves data automatically from existing storage arrays based on rules that you define. It also uniquely synchronizes folder structures and access control lists to the cloud. By synchronizing the complete NTFS permissions model of your data, HubStor securely provides self-service user access and also unlocks the ability to manage and search data by users, groups, and data ownership in the cloud.

What sets HubStor apart.

Shrink Your Storage Costs

No data lock-in

Pay each month

Use existing infrastructure

HubStor powerful capabilities in Azure

Tiered Storage in Azure

Cloud backup in Azure

Email Archiving & Journaling in Azure

Cloud retention & fast eDiscovery

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