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A move to the cloud is an excellent opportunity to get your data governance ‘house’ in order, and offers many capabilities for ‘doing compliance better’.

On the flip side, the cloud can present general security concerns around access management and risk aversion.

Cloud Essentials can help you get to grips with best practices when it comes to securing your systems and implementing strong governance controls that meet the many legislative challenges you need to address.

  • What GDPR controls do we need to apply to our data?
  • Are we using our Microsoft licence to its full capability when it comes to compliance?
  • How can we work with Microsoft retention & sensitivity labels?
  • Can we automatically classify and filter data as we migrate to Office 365/Azure?
  • Who should be responsible for setting policies?
  • Can we do more eDiscovery work in-house?

All these questions and more can be answered by tech-savvy legalise experts – a rare breed indeed.  

Its unique expertise at the intersect of technology & regulatory frameworks makes Cloud Essentials our preferred firm for risk & compliance advice.

Principal for Risk & ComplianceA very large organisation!

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Get expert assessments & advice in all information governance & legislative areas.

Having a hard time starting with data governance?

Our FREE 1-hour Data Governance Briefing gives you the perfect opportunity to speak to our experts. Get the most out of Microsoft security and information governance capabilities for your enterprise.

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An approach that empowers.

Cloud Essentials brings together in-depth technical and legal know-how that will help you govern your data on-premises and in the cloud.

Bringing together all the relevant stakeholders in your enterprise, we will take a no-nonsense approach to assessing your needs, looking at the options open to you, and then devising and rolling out your optimal strategy.


Expert review

We review your business and legislative needs (such as the GDPR and POPIA) alongside your current security and data management regime and help pinpoint gaps.


Understand your options

We will distil the relevant aspects of Microsoft 365 and Azure security practices and compliance capabilities, covering subjects that include data sovereignty, data retention and sensitivity policies, eDiscovery, mobile device security and more.


Assistance with remediation.

If you need it, we can help deliver the training, processes and tools necessary for:

  • imposing Information Governance controls
  • enabling compliance with regulations
  • responding to eDiscovery requests and
  • executing defensible deletion.

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