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Get ready for the POPI Act

In the event of a merger, acquisition or just a change in the way you want to organise your business, you can now migrate virtually any workload between Microsoft 365 tenants.

  • Mailboxes, SharePoint, Teams & Groups, OneDrive for Business, Public Folders, Skype for Business (including conversation history), Stream, etc
  • Third-party email archives & email journals
  • G Suite & IMAP mailstores
  • Document management systems, Power BI & Power Apps

As part of your migration Active Directory can also be migrated, restructured and consolidated to support your new entity.

There’s no need for any servers on your environment as your migration is done using our SaaS Migration Platform in Azure, ensuring optimal security and performance.

Let Cloud Essentials take the complexity out of your Tenant merger or migration. We can split the different workloads into into separate migrations and do a mix and match of whatever part you need.

Get your tenant to tenant migration delivered at a fixed cost & using a pay-as-you-go SaaS model that reflects the workloads you need to move.

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Cloud Essentials consolidated our two Office 365 tenants & 12 domains into a single tenant while minimising disruption to over 15,000 staff around the world.

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During your migration you’ll work closely with our services team, receiving the best expert advice and a personal and responsive service we believe is unrivalled.

Merge, split or move between tenants

When you need to migrate or merge Microsoft 365 tenants, moving data and users is just the tip of the iceberg, especially if you have multiple domains that must co-exist for any length of time.

  • You need to synchronise contacts and free/busy information to ensure co-workers can email and collaborate easily and communicate with clients throughout the migration – as though in a single domain.
  • You may need to consolidate the infrastructure of the merging organisations, starting with integrating the separate Active Directory (AD) instances into one.
  • Not all the organisations involved may be in the cloud – we often work with enterprises that need to integrate legacy on-premises users and applications with Microsoft 365.
  • Politics and security issues could prevent you from carrying out the optimal migration path – check out our latest video.
  • There may be incompatible email archives and journals that need to be merged.

There’s other things to transfer across and rationalise, including security, privacy, anti-spam, legal holds and retention management policies.

Case Study:
Divestiture from Largest Catering Company in the World

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Migrate mailboxes, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, AD & more between tenants

When you’re looking for the best solution for your tenant to tenant migration, you’ll find one product is good for say, mailboxes and OneDrive, but you need a separate, dedicated tool for your SharePoint migration or achieving the most comprehensive Active Directory consolidation.

The Cloud Essentials Azure-based platform combines the best solution for each of the many workloads you need to migrate, and can take into consideration any restrictions you might encounter, such as access rights between domains.

Read more here about the less technical issues you’re likely to experience>

A Comprehensive Tenant to Tenant Migration Suite

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migrations

Migrate User Mailboxes & Calendars Between Tenants

We offer a full suite of Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration tools and services to cover all your needs, including enterprise coexistence (calendar free/busy, mail routing and GALSync) that will enable your users to work seamlessly (and your clients to maintain contact) as you transition.

As well as migrating users’ mailboxes we can also migrate the contents of any legacy email archives and journals (such as Enterprise Vault or Mimecast) between locations, enabling you to:

  • Standardise on an archive service or
  • Eliminate the need for a separate archive service (and use Microsoft 365 archiving instead).

Items migrated include:


Shared mailboxes



Secondary calendars

Distribution lists


Delegations and permissions

Rooms and equipment




Inbound rules

Litigation hold folders

Online archives

On-prem 3rd-party archives

OneDrive Migration Between Tenants

Migrate a OneDrive environment to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online in another tenant.

We can help you audit and report on your existing environment to help plan, configure and selectively migrate content.

You can choose to keep or overwrite existing files at the OneDrive for Business or SharePoint destination, as well as whether to migrate metadata such as file creation details.

As part of your OneDrive migration service we can perform analysis of existing environments for permissions, layouts, unused content and lists etc.  We can then flag any issues or areas of concern that may need to be addressed as you migrate.

Items migrated include:







Uploaded files (eg: .pdfs, .jpgs)

SharePoint Migration Between Tenants

No matter how complex your SharePoint environment, we can help you work out the optimum tenant to tenant migration or upgrade path.

We recommend starting with an in-depth profile of your current environment, including site owners, permissions, governance and usage.

You can also scan for and remove ROT (redundant, outdated & trivial) content.

From this you can determine what needs to be moved (and what can be excluded), fix any problems and get an overall view of how much effort is involved.

Re-branding a new tenant and helping drive user adoption of the new SharePoint site can also be included as part of our service.

We use the latest technology and APIs for fast and simple migrations that maintain data integrity, permission levels, version histories and metadata.

You can also import from shared drives, Google Drive and Drop Box into SharePoint libraries and export data that will not go to the new SharePoint into Shared drives.

Items migrated include:

Top Navigation bar

Quick Launch bar

Site Structure


Welcome Page



Custom Forms (e.g. Nintex)

Discussion Board


Workflows (e.g. Nintex)


TermStore (Taxonomy)

Web Fields (columns)

Composed Looks

Metadata & Permissions

Teams & Groups Migrations Between Tenants

Migrate content in Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups, including group mailbox content, folder permissions, and delegation.

Manage target group creation, membership, and ownership.

As part of your migration we can review your Teams security and governance situation.

For example, if you have Teams that no longer have an owner, unused Teams or external sharing permissions of concern, our audit service will help surface these to for review so that they can be resolved before migrate.

Functionality includes:

Teams & Groups

Teams membership

SharePoint site behind Teams

Preserves all group members

Preserves all permissions

Active Directory Consolidation

As well as synchronising your AD environments in the first phase of your move, we can help you design the ideal AD schema for your new combined entity.

This includes reviewing existing objects, groups, devices, data, security, policies etc., determining any changes to these components and planning for growth.

We can also ensure any legacy AD naming structures and attributes are removed.

Other capabilities include:

  • Migration without trusts (if this is not possible)
  • Password copying to enable same password sign on
  • Migration of remote users between tenants
  • Option to reverse changes during key steps
  • Migrate Active Directory environments while users are online

Items synchronised and moved include:

Objects, settings & properties

All types of users – even remote

Disconnected & isolated objects

Moves within & between forests

Highly complex scenarios

Roll back changes

Highly secure – no firewall ports

Migrate during business hours

Get complete visibility

Reports, charts & diagrams

Let our experts handle the complexity of your tenant to tenant migration project.

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