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Case Study

Improved oversight of pharmaceutical’s global tenant

Effective tenant management structures and reporting deliver time and cost-savings, as well as improved security, for our global pharmaceuticals client.

Client: Global pharmaceuticals company


  • 9,800+ employees
  • 71 established offices in over 50 countries
  • Global supply chain to over 150 countries
  • More than 26,000 Microsoft 365 objects
  • Highly regulated industry


  • Considerable time-saving automating onboarding and streamlining reporting
  • Cost-savings delivered through improved tenant management structures and detailed reporting
  • Better oversight and tightened security which helped identify and eliminate gaps
  • Ongoing relationship

The challenge

Having evolved from a federated IT management model to a more centralised, Office 365 platform, our client needed to include multiple tenants in a single platform and balance facilitating limited administrative control within the various regions through “sub” tenanting whilst maintaining global control and not releasing full access to all the Microsoft 365 objects.

‘The level of enthusiasm and willingness to support us with regards to the contracted services from Cloud Essentials is second to none. They are just as supportive from a project and professional services standpoint as some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the ‘365’ space’.
Operations Manager

Our solution

Specialist migration design

Having built a good relationship with the client whilst assisting them with their complex migration projects and providing ongoing support, we have a good understanding of their operating challenges and Microsoft 365 landscape. After reviewing their needs and challenges and drawing up a detailed design document, we selected Coreview as the partner best placed to offer the toolset to optimise a multitude of business areas, specifically around user provisioning, user management, licenses management, and workflow optimisation.

Expert set-up

We assisted the client with the installation of Coreview.  Having scoped their business requirements, we configured the hybrid server component and virtual tenant to ensure they could take advantage of business efficiencies, automated work processes and improved reporting capabilities.  Specifically, we configured the system to allow specific business unit operators to manage their user base, limiting them to only view their users and objects. We also configured licence pools, built in permissions and created workflows.  Using our on-premises and cloud knowledge, our team of experts also built reporting solutions within the Coreview platform. We provided the client with training to familiarise themselves with the console and navigation, as well as in-depth training for specific roles and requirements.

Tailored customisation and development

We have a very good working relationship with Coreview and were able to work with them to tailor their product development to suit our client’s needs and recommendations/advances.   

Transparent communications

Regular daily meetings with the technical team and weekly meetings with key stakeholders kept the project on track.

“Through a collective effort, we overcame environmental challenges and managed to deliver a successful tenant to tenant migration of multiple workloads with minimal impact on the users, in keeping with timescales and solidified an excellent working relationship with the client”

Chris Hathaway, Cloud Essentials
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The Result

Cloud Essentials continues to provide our client with progressive feedback and optimisation sessions for continued alignment with business needs and feature development.  We have saved them considerable time using workflows to automate onboarding and reporting.

We have helped deliver cost reductions by establishing virtual tenants as licence pools, mapping business units as cost centres and AD integration.  We have helped to maximise licence management and costs through reporting which uncovers disabled users and unused licences.

Cloud Essentials’ experts also designed a number of reports in Coreview to perform clean ups, monitor licence allocations and anticipate future requirements.   Our client now has better oversight and tightened security.

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