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Case Study

Acquisition-driven Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration

Tight timelines, disparate workloads and access complications are just some of the challenges faced during the migration of MicroVest users and their M365 workloads to the DAI tenant.

Client: DAI Global LLC


  • Tight timeframe (one month) 
  • Numerous workloads requiring simultaneous migration and cutover 
  • Remote workers in different time zones 
  • Access complications caused by existing security measures 


  • Migration delivered on schedule, with no reported issues 
  • Zero disruption to wider business goals and objectives 
  • Improved collaboration, efficiency and uniformity 
  • Ongoing partnership between Cloud Essentials and DAI 

The challenge

On acquiring MicroVest, DAI Global LLC approached Cloud Essentials to assist in consolidating their new users and workloads into the DAI tenant. This would be the second tenant-to-tenant migration Cloud Essentials carried out for DAI. 

The workloads involved (mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Microsoft 365 folders and SharePoint sites) needed to be migrated simultaneously and cutover on the same date. Any interruption to business operations had to be avoided. The project window was also very tight – a single month – with client leave schedules adding complexity to the timeline. 

Other complications included project stakeholders participating from around the world, a time zone difference of seven hours, and certain SharePoint sites needing pre-migration maintenance. 

"Our excellent working relationship with DAI really helped the project to run smoothly and we look forward to working together in the future."

Our solution


With a long track record of successful migrations and a tried-and-tested, robust, migration service-delivery runbook, Cloud Essentials offered DAI complete confidence that any and all complexities arising during their project would be handled.

Full scope delivery

Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team was able to deliver the full scope of DAI’s migration. This included parallel (and cutover) of numerous, disparate workloads; pre-migration SharePoint maintenance; and the safe navigation of access complexities caused by existing security measures.

Project management

Timeline and time zone complexities made project management an invaluable component of the project, enabling us to deliver on DAI’s very specific scheduling requirements.

Change management

We assisted DAI with change management, preparing and supporting users for an informed, and easy transition between environments.

No disruption

Our combination of progressive office 365 tenant to tenant migration methodology, parallel migration of workloads, proven migration runbooks and change management techniques ensured no disruption to business operations and user confusion and fatigue.

Cloud Essentials migration to cloud


DAI’s migration was completed successfully, on schedule, with no reported issues to date. All expected and unexpected complexities were handled seamlessly, without affecting project outcomes.  Our excellent working relationship with DAI’s project and technical team really helped the project to run smoothly.  We look forward to continuing our relationship. 

Having now completed two tenant-to-tenant migrations for DAI, Cloud Essentials has also gained deeper insights into the organisation’s strategic IT goals. This will be extremely beneficial for future projects, enabling us to bring significant value to the partnership in the form of forward-thinking content management and cloud development strategies. 

Acquire, divest, consolidate. We love a good migration challenge.