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Fintech migration delivers improved collaboration

Tenant migration completed within tight timescale delivers improved collaboration and efficiency

Client: One of the world’s largest fintech companies


  • Consolidation of a group of companies
  • 1000+ users
  • Phased approach required
  • Co-existence required
  • Fixed, tight timescales


  • New Microsoft 365 tenancy for consolidated business
  • Detailed handover has given internal IT team knowledge to provide ongoing support
  • Improved collaboration and work efficiency as result of migration

The challenge

In 2017, two global fintech companies merged. These two companies were in separate Office 365 tenants and required migration into one tenant. At the time, this migration was one of the largest in Europe. As part of our client’s strategy to enhance their global presence in the US, they also acquired another company and required their Office 365 tenant to be migrated as well. These migrations presented a number of complexities, not least the global distribution of a large number of users (over 16,000), the amount of data and distribution of the data across the businesses and the requirement to migrate from 12 Office 365 domains into one single domain.

“Cloud Essentials understand the importance of carrying out a project the right way, no matter the size of it. They don’t take any short cuts.”

Our solution

Cloud Essentials were chosen for this tenant to tenant migration project because of our experience dealing with complexity. The client had a vast environment with a lot of on-premises servers. We were chosen because we were able to build a plan around all of it. We provided the client with end-to-end support throughout the migration, starting with a detailed security baseline assessment and scoping, expert planning and migration design by our cloud architects and step-by-step management of the migration process. This was all overseen by an experienced project manager who provided clear communications with all stakeholders at every stage.

The best hybrid combination of migration tools for the project

We’re vendor agnostic, so having scoped out the project in detail, we were able to advise our client on the best tools to meet their specific migration challenges. Our expert cloud architects recommended using Binary Tree Power 365 and Binary Tree Express for the migration of mailboxes and ShareGate for the migration of SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for business. EmPass was used for to achieve bi-directional password synchronisation.

Innovative, fresh thinking to solve challenges

When dealing with a complex migration of this size, it was inevitable that unexpected challenges would arise throughout the project. The client chose Cloud Essentials because of our unrivalled 11 years’ experience of managing tenant-to-tenant migrations. Drawing on this knowledge and experience, we were able to troubleshoot effectively and efficiently, and offer creative, practical solutions to the pitfalls that arose during the migration project.

Fixed price guarantee and excellent quality

Despite the complexities presented by the project, having completed a detailed scoping exercise, we offered the client a fixed price for the tenant-to-tenant migration project. This demonstrated our commitment to meet the client’s deadlines and to work in partnership with them to resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

“Through a collective effort, we overcame environmental challenges and managed to deliver a successful tenant to tenant migration of multiple workloads with minimal impact on the users, in keeping with timescales and solidified an excellent working relationship with the client”

Chris Hathaway, Cloud Essentials
Cloud Essentials migration to cloud

The Result

For this global fintech company the transition to one Office 365 tenant ensuring smooth user experiences and not disrupting its ability to communicate both internally and externally was of paramount importance. We were able to successfully overcome the project’s complexities and migrate the business to a new tenant, which was configured to support the company’s ongoing strategic plan and sets them up to be able to take advantage of the business benefits and efficiencies offered by the Microsoft 365 environment.

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