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Case Study

Intuitive matter management and work-from-home efficiency

Custodian offers law firms & in-house legal intuitive matter management with work from home & 'on-the-go' efficiency

Client: Law firm


  • 600 employees
  • The firm sends and receives 1 million emails per month
  • Highly regulated industry


  • Affordable, intuitive & fully Microsoft 365-integrated matter management
  • Seamless Outlook integration
  • Secure remote access – no need for VPNs

The challenge

A prominent law firm with over 600 employees, has built a longstanding relationship with Cloud Essentials. When it wanted to replace its ageing on-premises document management solution, the law firm asked for guidance. After evaluating the market, and having selected Office 365 as their preferred solution, it became clear that only Repstor could offer an affordable, intuitive and fully Microsoft Office 365-integrated matter management platform.

"Custodian for Legal has outstanding functionality – it is a class above the other products out there and it integrates so seamlessly with Outlook that our users barely know it is even there. It also allowed us to standardise our processes across practice areas, saving significant time and money.”

Our solution

Custodian for Legal enables our client to track, trace and retrieve documents in an instant. For a firm that sends and receives somewhere in the region of one million emails per month, that transparency and speed is crucial. It also ensures that lawyers can work securely from their phone or laptop with minimal configuration and no need for costly and complicated VPNs.

“Our environment is critical but complex with a huge set of documents. Repstor allows us to navigate that complexity with confidence,” comments the client. “As we move through the deployment, we have been greatly reassured by Repstor’s ability to meet deadlines within budget – they have been brilliant since day one and give us a personal service often lacking in other vendors.”

“Our aim is to enable our customers to leverage the value of the entire Office 365 solution stack so partnering with Repstor makes perfect sense,” comments Chris Hathaway, director of cloud and governance at Cloud Essentials. “This is a great example of how law firms can take advantage of solutions such as Custodian for Legal to make matter management cost-effective and seamless. Moreover, it is well suited to both law firms and in-house corporate legal departments, which is a market we hope to target together.”

“This has been very refreshing. And Cloud Essentials have been not just an implementer, but a trusted partner. They’ve effectively become our ‘SharePoint arm’ within the company. They haven’t taken a cookie-cutter approach with something from another environment, but have genuinely wanted to find the best way to help us.”
Cloud Essentials migration to cloud

The Result

We helped our client to navigate the options and to make the best choice of solution to suit their needs.  Functionality, cost, security and information privacy were key priorities and we managed the consolidation of legal document management into SharePoint.  The result was an affordable, intuitive and fully Microsoft 365 integrated matter management solution.  This has ensured a smooth transition to remote working hastened by the global pandemic and positions them to take advantage of further Microsoft capabilities as they develop.

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