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Managing Information Security With Microsoft 365

ISO 27001: Illuminating your path to managing information security with Microsoft 365

Virtual workshop in conjunction with Ontinue: 23rd July at 11.30am UTC+1

Whether you’re going for ISO 27001 certification or simply championing information security best practices, this standard is becoming increasingly relevant to organisations wanting to be progressive with managing their data.

Aspiring to the demands of this standard creates a more resilient, sustainable approach to information security and compliance and can put you ahead of your competitors. But, understanding how to navigate the auditing and improvement of controls across Microsoft 365 can be daunting. Also, where do you go next to continue to improve your cyber maturity?

Join our workshop on 23rd July. We’ll bring practical advice to shine a light on your Microsoft 365 journey towards this standard and elevate your cyber defense to the next level with Security Operations.

You’ll leave with insights into:

1. How organisations are using ISO 27001 to up their game, especially ahead of generative AI

2. 5 step approach to getting started

3. Mapping of key Microsoft 365 compliance and security controls with ISO 27001

4. Quick wins on your Microsoft 365 data security and compliance journey

5. Where next? How can you leverage Security Operations to detect and response to threats

You’ll learn from a panel of experts including presenters from Ontinue, market leaders in managed SecOps, and Cloud Essentials.