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Microsoft sensitivity labelling

Get to grips with Microsoft sensitivity labelling

The stakes are high when it comes to data protection, and if you’re looking ahead to generative AI the stakes could get even higher. Not only do you risk fines and reputational damage if sensitive data is lost, valuable company assets or IP could also be at risk of inadvertent or malicious data breach, resulting in loss of revenue or competitive advantage.  

Sensitivity labels are critical to effective data protection strategies, using features like Microsoft DLP and Information Protection. But they can be tricky to implement if you’ve not done the critical groundwork. 

In this session our experts discussed lessons learned from many labelling deployments to help you get off to a good start. 

We also included advice from our legal and compliance professionals on how to translate data classification into an effective sensitivity labelling deployment and ensure labelling is a successful joint venture between your IT and risk stakeholders. 

Watch the session again, where we cover: 

The fundamentals of Microsoft sensitivity labelling 

  • What are sensitivity labels and how are they used 
  • Technical ‘how-to’ of configuring labels 
  • Practical tips on using built in classifiers, exact data match and trainable classifiers 

Best practices to prepare for sensitivity labelling 

  • Translating your data classification taxonomy into Microsoft labelling 
  • What to do if you don’t know which labels apply to your organisation 
  • A case study into a successful labelling deployment 
  • Quick wins for a successful start and gotchas to avoid 

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