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Where specialist tools fit into the compliance picture

Are you thinking about the options available to you for security and compliance across your organisation’s data estate? You may have heard good things about Stealthbits, Varonis or AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian. Perhaps you’re wondering where these solutions fit in and how they stack up against Microsoft Purview? Or maybe you’re just wondering where to focus your efforts to minimise risk and cost.
The truth is: if you have…
    • (a) a sprawling IT estate with a mix of cloud and on-premises storage/applications that aren’t practical or cost-effective to consolidate into your Microsoft environment
    • (b) particularly complex compliance requirements
… specialist solutions have a lot to offer.
In fact, if your data is spread between multiple non-Microsoft data sources, you may have little option but to use one of these third-party options. Microsoft Purview’s data connectors are expanding, but it would be premature to say that Purview can handle all non-Microsoft workloads as comprehensively as other specialist solutions.
That said, for organisations where the majority of data is created and resides within Microsoft 365 (and adoption trajectories are heavily Microsoft-driven), Microsoft Purview offers all the capabilities necessary to get your compliance house solidly in order. Using a specialist solution in these instances is like using a space shuttle for school drop-off – far more complex and expensive than ultimately necessary.
It’s also worth noting that, depending on your enterprise licence package, Purview’s capabilities may already be fully paid for. This offers two very significant advantages that specialist solutions cannot:
    1. A very cost-effective entry point for your compliance journey.
    2. A readily available shortcut to address known compliance shortfalls while working through a more comprehensive compliance programme in the background.

That second point is also relevant for organisations that are readying to bring a specialist compliance tool into play. Being able to shore up vulnerabilities in your Microsoft environment while simultaneously heading down the longer and more complex specialty compliance pathway is not an opportunity to be overlooked.

Let’s also not forget that, while Microsoft Purview isn’t a standalone specialist compliance tool, it does offer some extraordinarily sophisticated capabilities within the Microsoft environment. It’s far from the poor cousin third-party solutions would have us believe, even if it doesn’t (yet) have quite the same data source reach as its more egalitarian counterparts.

Microsoft Purview Compliance

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