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Case Study

Sensitive, complex migration navigated successfully.

Complicated, data heavy tenant migration delivered for a global chemical company acquiring a competitor

Client: Large chemical company


  • Over 2,700K mailbox users and 3,200 OneDrive users
  • 7+ TBs of mailboxes, 21 TBs of data in OneDrive and 21 million files
  • Plus 149 SharePoint and Teams sites
  • Added complexities because we did not have access to the full tenant


  • Successfully navigated the complexities of the project working within limited permissions
  • Smoothly overcame the political sensitivities
  • Overcame the technical complexities and changing project requirements involved in managing large amounts of data
  • Good, ongoing client relationship

The challenge

Our client purchased a division of a European based chemical company and one of their direct competitors. Both companies had existing Microsoft Office 365 tenants and as a result of the acquisition, our client needed to incorporate the mail and document data associated with 2,700K+ users from the acquisition into their existing tenants. The amount of data to migrate, combined with only having limited access to the source tenant and changing levels of permissions presented unique challenges during the migration process.

"Cloud Essentials carried out a very professional service. They stayed cool, calm and collected. I’m sure it won’t be the last time we work with Cloud Essentials."

Our solution

Adept at managing sensitivities and complexity

The process of extracting mailboxes and data from one division of the competitor and migrating it to our client was complex. Sensitivities around the level of permissions required to access the content needed for migration had an impact on the initial migration scope. Understanding that the two companies are direct competitors, Cloud Essentials worked within stringent policies and with the utmost discretion to ensure that company sensitive data was not disturbed and only in scope content was migrated.

Adaptable and flexible

Cloud Essentials’ team dealt with monthly changing HR lists, specific user requests and changes to numbers due to leavers. Our experienced team was accommodating and able to keep the project on track and cope with the changes to scope which occurred.

Selecting the best tools for the job

Having identified the level of access available and the amount and nature of the data to migrate, we selected AvePoint Fly as the best toolset for the migration.

Reassurance and relationship-building

Weekly calls and assiduous project management, accompanied by granular reporting on progress, gave our client confidence and reassurance. They were able to plan their cutover and feel comfortable with project timelines and deliverables.

Cloud Essentials migration to cloud

The Result

Our client was pleased with the end result. We have continued to build our relationship with them and have assisted them with another migration since.

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