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Active Directory Domain Consolidation

Ensure uninterrupted business as you cope with change

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) underpins the IT infrastructure of many enterprise systems.

As such, if you’re facing a merger, acquisition or divestiture, or if you need to merge separate on-premises Active Directory environments as you migrate multiple domains to Office 365, your AD structure will need some re-working.

We can help you:

  • Ensure user transparency
  • Understand trust elements
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Ensure security and reflect localised legalisation with delegated AD administration
  • Enable co-existence and synchronisation during migrations
  • Migrate Windows Servers

Key Services

Handle Complexity

Consolidate even the most complex AD configurations even between on-premises and Azure environments.

AD and Azure AD Sync

Provide end users with a unified address book, helping communication and collaboration effectively across the entire organisation.

Test Reporting

Conduct “dry runs” and get reports that let you pinpoint issues prior to migration. Rest assured that your sync won’t disrupt your users.

Gain Insights

Consolidate data for multiple directories into a single environment and get detail analytics with valuable insights to make business-critical decisions.

Fix AD Conflicts

Resolve any conflicts in your users or distribution lists during the sync by skipping, renaming, or updating targets for objects. This is a convenient way to merge source members into target distribution lists.


Critical content and data remain secure and safe during the migration and tenant integration.

Restructure & consolidate your AD
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