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Five reasons to accelerate your migration to cloud

Most organisations that have been around longer than a couple of years still have some data and applications that have not yet made it to the cloud. Many are also still paying for third party apps that were groundbreaking to begin with, but are now more than equalled by native Microsoft functionality. The good news is, it’s never too late to get your migration to cloud off the ground. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why today is the perfect time to get started.

1.   Harness the power of AI by migrating to the cloud

The future is AI, and AI is built on data. Accelerating your migration to cloud is a great way to consolidate your data and make it more accessible for emerging AI opportunities. That includes things like generative AI (on the immediate horizon) as well as tools like Microsoft Copilot which is already making waves in the productivity space.

2.   Enhanced cyber-defences by bringing everything under one roof

Security is a whole lot easier when you’re defending a single perimeter – particularly when that perimeter is subject to Microsoft’s Zero Trust framework with its “single pane of glass” providing the oversight and controls to keep your data and infrastructure safe as houses.

That makes consolidating your data and infrastructure in Microsoft’s cloud a sound security strategy with very real benefits given the increasing number of extremely sophisticated cyberattacks taking place.

3.   Reduced risk by consolidating to the cloud

Older (or legacy) apps and operating systems inherently increase the risk of cyberattack, system downtime, and productivity and data loss. Migrating to the cloud (when planned properly and actioned intelligently) not only reduces these risks, but also potentially frees up budget to spend on better leveraging your data/systems for a sharper competitive edge.

4.   Improved compliance maturity delivered by migrating to the cloud

Having all your data in Microsoft’s cloud makes achieving and demonstrating compliance much easier thanks to the potent suite of compliance tools housed within Microsoft Purview. Purview offers comprehensive functionality to manage and monitor compliance on an ongoing basis, including information protection, insider risk management and a handy compliance manager dashboard for tracking progress.

5.   Effective collaboration when everyone and everything is in the cloud

The power of collaboration tools like Teams grows exponentially when all of your documents and data are stored within your Microsoft environment. Leveraging SharePoint Online to its fullest means having everything you need at your fingertips, ready to share and collaborate faster and more effectively in this new, hybrid working world.

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