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Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery in Azure

Office 365 backuo solutions

Backup Microsoft 365 Using Azure

You can’t afford to be relying on Microsoft 365 ‘native’ backup functionality to cater for all recovery scenarios.  Microsoft’s own services agreement, states the importance of having a backup plan that involves a third party.

Check out our blog Is Office 365 Backup & Archiving Up to the Job? and our recent webinar.

Here’s a way you can get extra peace of mind for your content:

Using your own (or our) Microsoft Azure tenant, you can revolutionise your Microsoft 365 backup strategy and give your team the ability to respond to restore requests quickly and accurately.

Our dedicated backup as a service (BaaS) lets you deliver a segregated backup and restore service for user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Groups, SharePoint site collections and audit logs.

Watch this 5 minute excerpt from our ‘Is a separate Office 365 backup solution essential?’ webinar.


COVID-19 has made protecting your content especially important, with new risks that include:

  • more remote workers syncing up to OneDrive for Business,
  • staff that may be new to working with Teams, SharePoint, etc,
  • cyber criminals exploiting COVID-19 fears

Boost your Microsoft 365 protection strategy by leveraging Azure 

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Enhance Native Microsoft 365 Recovery

  • Provide reliable point in time recovery (something that Microsoft does not offer)
  • Select individual files & navigate by folders
  • Select files using content search, restore by file type, restore between dates, etc
  • Carry out restores to alternative locations (i.e. enabling inspection prior to restore)
  • Control the location & architecture of your backup, e.g. maintain a 321 backup rule
  • Get super fast restores (including self-service)
  • Easily restore Teams Wiki data (it’s tricky with Microsoft)

Protect Against Ransomware

Although data loss is more likely to be as a result of internal malicious or accidental user activity, OneDrive for Business (owing to the fact it’s often configured to synchronise with user’s devices), is susceptible to ransomware.  There’s also an indication that email online can be affected by ransomware.

In the event of an attack or any type of data loss in a SaaS environment, there’s two things that will act as insurance:

  • Immutability – i.e. backups written to WORM storage
  • Versioning – with the ability to undertake point-in-time recovery

Our solution provides this insurance, enabling enterprises to restore their data to a healthy state and with a high degree of granularity and control over the restore process.

Fast & Highly Scalable

Our solution delivers the enterprise-class security, reliability and performance demanded by exceptionally large Microsoft 365 tenants.

Customers are achieving sustained ingestion rates of 200+ emails per second and many TBs per day from SharePoint and OneDrive.  We can scale higher if needed.

A continuous data protection (CDP) service lets you capture changes in near real time as they occur in SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams site collections, taking the pressure off fitting incremental backups into a nightly run.

What Makes This Service Different?

With no startup costs and the ability to pay based on your month-to-month consumption, this is a great way to get instant protection with zero lock-in.

And unlike backup vendors that only protect mailboxes, our solution delivers Microsoft 365 data protection across OneDrive for Business, Teams, Groups, mailboxes, SharePoint, and the audit log with performance and scalability for large enterprises.

Boost your Microsoft 365 content protection strategy

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Simplify your Microsoft  365 Backup Strategy

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