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Tiered Storage in Azure

Shrink Your Storage Costs With HubStor.

Microsoft Azure Storage now offers three storage tiers that can be used according to the data you need to store:

  • The HOT storage tier is optimised for storing active data that is accessed frequently.
  • The COOL storage tier is best for storing inactive data that is infrequently accessed and stored for at least six months.
  • The ARCHIVE storage tier  is best for storing cold data that is rarely accessed and possibly stored for years.

The challenge lies in how to take the best advantage of these tiers, both initially as you upload your data, and over time, as your data usage patterns change over time.

By introducing HubStor for Azure into your storage infrastructure, you can automatically and seamlessly manage your storage using the most appropriate tiers according to the data being stored.

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Very inactive!

Manage your cloud storage in Azure with HubStor and reduce cloud costs

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How HubStor works.

HubStor is a flexible, low-cost storage and search SaaS suite designed to leverage the Microsoft Azure platform to meet your business and compliance needs.

Using an on-premises gateway you can seamlessly migrate data from your on-premises storage, automatically determining which Azure tier is used based on policies you define.

Once in the cloud, HubStor’s policy and analytics engine lets you continue to migrate storage between tiers over the lifetime of your data.

You also benefit from near real-time insights about your data, along with search and data management features to facilitate retention and deletion policies, perform eDiscovery, implement legal holds and prevent data leaks.

A chargeback capability means you can apportion costs to different parts of the organisation based on their cloud storage consumption, or simply understand how storage resources in the cloud are being are consumed.

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No set up fee

Pay monthly for what you use

No data lock-in

Use existing infrastructure

What makes HubStor different.

Unlike other cloud gateway solutions, you don’t need to move all your file shares to an appliance that manages data movement.

You simply use your existing file servers and NAS solutions and address the data in-place, with HubStor’s Windows-based client syncing the data along with the associated access rights and folder structures into Azure.

There’s no set up fee and you only pay for what you use month-to-month, based on the metered Azure costs of your tenant.

Importantly, HubStor is unique in that it does not lock your data in, neither technically or contractually. You can cancel at any time, and you always have control to export your data.

Manage your cloud storage in Azure with HubStor and reduce cloud costs

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Get in control of Azure tiered storage.


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Manage your cloud storage in Azure with HubStor and reduce cloud costs

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