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Office 365 International Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Phone System lets you replace your traditional phone system with a modern service that integrates with the way your workforce works.

Cloud Essentials extends this service on an international basis, and for a fraction of the price of Microsoft Calling Plans.

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Time to Upgrade your Outdated PBX System.

Using Microsoft Phone System, Teams users can now communicate with external contacts over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

However, with Microsoft’s default Calling Plans, this service is limited to telephone numbers in just Europe, North America & Australia.

The Cloud Essential’s Direct Routing solution lets you make and receive external calls from Teams and Skype for Business on a truly international basis – and at a 10% of what you’d expect to pay for Office 365 calling plans.

Replace your existing on-premises PBX system and start using your Teams and Skype for Business service for ALL your calls.

Our Direct Routing solution for Microsoft Teams comprises a fully hosted, fully managed SIP (session initiation protocol) trunk service with the added security benefits of a certified Session Border Controller (SBC) and PSTN service provider to deliver low cost, international calling, without the capital cost and ongoing maintenance implications.

Combined with the advanced telephony features now in Teams, you’ll get all the productivity benefits without the hit to your bottom line.

Microsoft Teams Phone Calling

Streamline your business communications & reduce costs by using Teams for your telephony needs

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Ultimate productivity

With Teams-integrated phone calls, collaboration with clients and partners that are on a regular land line or mobile phone becomes super easy. You can simply dial up external contacts from the Teams-integrated dial pad and add them into a multi-way conversation. Incoming calls can also be answered from within Teams.

Telephone calls can be made from any virtually any device, including IP phones, Microsoft Teams Rooms, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Centralised Administration

IT managers can access and control the complete spectrum of Teams communication tools from one hub, reducing time, effort and cost.

Easily provision phone numbers for all your Teams users within minutes, with phone numbers linked to Azure Active Directory identities.

Run usage reports to review active users, sessions, client device information, and types of activities.

Cost effective

Our pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls you need, not on the number of users or extensions you have. Long distance calls typically cost much less and management is also a lot simpler than using Microsoft Call Plans with:

  • Per second billing
  • Better call rates
  • Free local and regional calls
  • No fixed monthly bundles

Any unused minutes purchased rollover to the next billing cycle*.

* 3 months maximum rollover

See how easy Teams-integrated calling is for yourself – book a demo with our expert

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Get Enterprise Telephony Features

Park & Retrieve Calls

This feature lets you temporarily put calls on hold and generate a unique code via which a co-worker can pick up the call. You can also use this functiion to effectively transfer a call to yourself to a different device.

Group Call Pickup

Set up a call group & easily add individuals you want to share responsibility for answering incoming calls with. You can simultaneously ring all group numbers or forward calls in a pre-designated order.


This service is automatically set up and provisioned for all users with an assigned Phone System licence and dedicated phone number. Messages are automatically turned into text and delivered to Exchange Online mailboxes as an email.

Call Blocking

If users are receiving calls that they don’t want to receive (e.g. spam calls, telemarketers), they can use the block calls feature to prevent future calls. Users can also manage their own blocked caller list.

Response Groups & Auto-Attendants

Use auto attendants to let callers navigate a menu to expedite their call using a keypad or speech recognition. The ability to add greetings and on-hold music, support caller queues, customise menus, offer different languages, etc, delivers a professional, efficient service.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to follow you to a different device or make or answer calls on behalf of co-worker or colleague. Notifications make it clear to all participants when calls are being answered or made for someone else.

We Pride in our Services and Uptime

Cloud Essentials Direct Routing is a highly scalable and resilient 24×7 service.

We offer 99.9% uptime for your phone lines with built-in redundancy and active load balancing in over 36 countries.

Combined with the higher audio quality offered by the SILK codec that Teams calling supports, non-Teams callers should get a great audio experience that is less likely to be impacted by network quality issues.

Your Microsoft Telephony Partner

You need to switch from an existing solution and retain existing DDI numbers? No problem!

Your users need training on how to use the new service? We have you covered.

You want to use existing phone hardware? We provide scripts to help you use your existing investment in a wide range of existing phone hardware including Polycom, Snom and Yealink.

Let the Cloud Essentials guide through the process of planning, delivering, and operating a successful Microsoft Phone System.


Is call routing and group pick up available now available from Microsoft?

Yes it is – you can read more here


We already have an existing contract with a Telecoms Provider. Can we stay with them and use your service?

Yes – if your existing provider has SIP trunks available you can still use your service provider.


What will our audio quality be like?

Microsoft Teams enables you to use the SILK audio codec (in the past G.711 was used for audio calls). With SILK, call quality is better and also has the benefit of lower data usage. G.711 uses almost 200% more data than the new SILK codec. Also, older codecs such as G.711 are highly sensitive to network issues, which can lead to sub-optimal voice conversations.


Can I see a demo?

Yes – we can walk you through the end-user experience and give you a tour of the services on offer. We can, of course, conduct a call with you across the remote GEOs you need to support. Importantly, we can talk you through whats involved in making the switch. Fill in the enquiry form and let us know in the comments that you would like a demo.

Empower your team’s communication cababilties by utilising Microsoft Teams for your telephony needs

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