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Manage & understand what you're spending in Azure

Cloud initiatives don’t come without growing pains.  If not managed closely, cloud projects can spiral out of control, leading to unexpected costs, un-authorised usage (and the risks that go with that), and wasted spending.

Research tells us that about 70% of companies overspend during their first 18 months in the cloud.  

We will help you manage your cloud costs and understand how much you’re paying, how cloud resources are being used for different workloads and empower you to budget cloud expenditure for the future.

You’ll also get direct traceability back to the business unit and budget owner, enabling business-level chargebacks and optimisation.

Track who's using what

By assigning Azure spend to a specific group of people, a project or an individual user, you can start to understand expenditure and allocate costs accordingly.

Decentralise Responsibility

Give key stakeholders and budget owners better visibility of what’s being spent, along with approval controls to manage ongoing cloud spend.

Forecast your costs

Track activity and consumption across all workloads to identify trends and adoption issues. Reports include information on purchasing dates and upcoming invoice dates to provide budget forecasting capabilities.

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Cut Your Storage Costs.

Are you paying over the odds for your storage?

By moving low-touch data sitting on expensive primary storage into Azure you will shrink existing backup and restore times, gain back capacity, defer spending on new storage and streamline future upgrades.

We can also help you automatically match your data access frequency to the available storage tiers in Azure – Hot, Cool and Archive – to ensure you’re optimising your cloud consumption.

It is no small achievement to reduce a corporate enterprise data footprint this significantly in a responsible, well planned and executed manner.

Pierre Blignaut,Information Manager, Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes Starts Cloud Journey With On-premises Storage Saving & Security Assessment

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