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Don’t Get out of control on cloud expenditure.

Cloud initiatives don’t come without growing pains, and if not managed closely, cloud projects can spiral out of control, leading to unexpected costs, un-authorised usage (and the risks that go with that), and wasted investment.

Our Licencing Review Workshop will help you save unnecessary expense and exposure to risk.

  • If you’ve already migrated to Office 365, how much of it is your organisation actually using?
  • Are you paying for additional third-party solutions (such as anti-virus) where you don’t need to?
  • How could you make best use of some of the inbuilt security features within Azure and Office 365?

These and many other insights can be uncovered, along with recommendations for reigning in costs.

Working as your ‘Partner of Record’ we can also uncover potential funding available from Microsoft to help accelerate and optimise your cloud adoption.

We also offer a range of enterprise solutions designed to put you in control of cloud costs and utilisation.

Control Office 365 Costs.

See who's using what

Identify the users who are not using the applications they’re actually licenced for.

Ensure all your available licenses are being delegated appropriately to the business units and power users that need advanced capabilities.

Do Office 365 chargeback

Segment all your user accounts and their associated license types by business unit, location, or charge-code and create billing groups for monthly chargeback reports.

Track costs on a monthly basis, get snapshots or export data to your company accounting system.

Forecast your Office 365 costs

Track user activities across all workloads to identify trends and adoption issues.

Keep a tight handle on license usage, including consumed licenses and suspended licenses. Reports also include information on purchasing dates and upcoming invoice dates to provide budget forecasting capabilities.

Find out how we can help save you money in the cloud.
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Cut Your Storage Costs.

Are you paying over the odds for your storage?

By moving low-touch data sitting on expensive primary storage into Azure you will shrink existing backup and restore times, gain back capacity, defer spending on new storage and streamline future upgrades.

We can also help you automatically match your data access frequency to the available storage tiers in Azure – Hot, Cool and Archive – to ensure you’re optimising your cloud consumption.

It is no small achievement to reduce a corporate enterprise data footprint this significantly in a responsible, well planned and executed manner.

Pierre Blignaut, Information Manager, Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes Starts Cloud Journey With On-premises Storage Saving & Security Assessment

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Find out how we can help save you money in the cloud.
Start your cloud journey