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eBook: How to select the best Office 365 backup solution for your needs

eBook: How to select the best Office 365 backup solution for your needs

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Do you really need a separate Office 365 backup solution?

Arguably Office 365 offers enough ‘native’ backup functionality to cater for most recovery scenarios.  Check out our earlier blog Is Office 365 Backup & Archiving Up to the Job?

BUT – there are scenarios when a dedicated backup and restore service for Office 365 is deemed essential!  Perhaps you need it for specific departments or users; there may be legislation that demands a separate backup of your customer’s data; or perhaps you’ve been bitten by shortcomings in native Office 365 restore services.  Additionally, Microsoft recommends in its services agreement that “you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services”.

Why should I read this eBook?

If your organisation needs separate Office 365 backups, and wants to select the best of breed backup solution, check out this eBook and skip to page 4!

There’s lots of backup solutions out there, including Avepoint and Veeam.  We think HubStor’s backup and recovery solution is as comprehensive as you’re going to get for the money, especially when it comes to supporting different workloads and selected data streams.

Key insights include:

  • Three critical features you need in an Office 365 backup solution
  • The flexibility to look for when it comes to recovery
  • The advanced features that will help you protect Teams, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

Excerpt: The Importance of Full Coverage of all Office 365 Workloads

Not all backup solutions are created equal, so it’s important to identify what you need before you start the conversation.  At a minimum, you’ll want to have the ability to do full coverage backups with flexible recovery options and a level of performance and scalability that grows with your organisation. Beyond that, there are other advanced features to consider that will enhance your ability to protect, recover and even manage your organisation’s Office 365 data.

For example, when a backup solution only protects mailboxes, but your organisation heavily relies on Microsoft Teams for internal communications, that solution isn’t going to meet your needs.

There are many offerings that only protect mailboxes, and some have expanded to protect OneDrive for Business as well.

A full-coverage backup solution should be able to target specific mailboxes or site collections with unique policies.

Alternatively, it should be able to cover all mailboxes and/or OneDrive for Business site collections with a default policy.

When covering all targets with a default policy, the solution should auto-enrol new users when they’re added to your organisation so new mailboxes and OneDrive for Business are automatically included in the scope of protection.

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