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Data Protection Strategy

Data protection strategy with Microsoft 365 Copilot in mind

Set Microsoft 365 Copilot free with confidence in your data protection strategy.

This webinar focused on how to get your data estate ready to implement Microsoft 365 Copilot with confidence that your data protection strategy is robust enough to stand up to its added stresses.

Our legal and compliance expert explained Microsoft’s responsible AI standard and the basis on which data is collected and managed within the Microsoft ecosystem.

We discussed the common senior leadership concerns with regards Microsoft 365 Copilot. A lack of control over data loss, data privacy, and responsible governance were the common themes raised. People, Process and Technology all interweave to help mitigate against these risks. We suggest that developing an AI policy to govern the development of your corporate use of Microsoft 365 Copilot will be crucial to successfully managing risk.

We also discussed which data security considerations to prioritise ahead of implementation:

  1. Promote user accountability (through your AI policy)
  2. Manage access to generative AI and train staff who are chosen to use it
  3. Protect the data entered and created through:
    • identity access controls
    • sensitivity labelling at an item level
    • control of permissions
    • data governance and getting rid of ROT

During the webinar we polled participants on the tone at the top of their organisations towards Microsoft 365 Copilot implementation. We discussed how to become an enabler of exploration for your organisation and manage a measured approach, embracing change whilst mitigating risk. We’ve seen that preparation for and discussion of Microsoft 365 Copilot has been a catalyst for improved data compliance within some of the organisations that we’re working with.

Watch the full webinar recording:

Catch up on the Q&A after the session when the recording was stopped. We’ve summarised the questions and our experts have provided their answers in this blog post here. We cover topics ranging from whether Microsoft is considered a data controller or processor when it comes to Copilot, how to make users accountable and balancing classification.

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