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Microsoft's Helping Hand With DLP | Cloud Essentials

Microsoft’s helping hand with DLP

Knowing what sensitive information your organisation holds, where it’s stored, and how to protect it is a widespread challenge affecting most – if not all – industries. It’s also a challenge that grows bigger and seemingly less manageable every day as the workforce generates and shares ever-increasing quantities of documents and data. 

Microsoft 365 subscribers are not facing this challenge alone, however.  

For some time now, Microsoft has been using machine learning to support and enhance Microsoft Purview’s Information Protection capabilities. The 250+ pre-built sensitive information types, 70 ready-to-use classifiers, and unlimited custom trainable classifiers have made huge inroads into enabling organisations to accurately classify, label and protect their sensitive data at scale. 

More recently, however, these machine-learning capabilities have been extended into Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (in public preview) where out-of-the-box and trainable classifiers can now be used as conditions in DLP policies. This enables organisations to not only protect their sensitive data at rest, but also improve governance over the actions users are permitted to take on sensitive items in order to prevent improper use, sharing and/or transfer. 

DLP policies in Microsoft Purview currently support classifiers for both business content (financial statements, contracts, legal/HR documents, etc.) and behavioural contexts (harassment, profanity, threats and discrimination).  

As security and governance experts, we’re hugely excited by the value-adding risk reduction potential of these new capabilities. For many organisations, however, tackling DLP alongside the wider works required to optimally deploy Microsoft’s information protection tools is a daunting prospect. 

But it doesn’t have to be.  

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