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Valuable Insights And Risk Mitigation

Valuable insights and risk mitigation – translating Microsoft Compliance Manager’s dashboard into your risk and compliance management metrics 

If you’re in similar position to the majority of live attendees at this webinar who had very little or no knowledge of Microsoft Compliance Manager and its capabilities, watch the full recording for an introduction to the dashboard and an orientation of the Microsoft Purview solutions.  If your organisation uses Microsoft Office, the bulk of your company’s data is probably transacted through there and you’re likely to already have this amazing tool at your disposal.


Our compliance/legal expert, Nivasha Sanilal, introduces compliance/risk professionals to the portal.  Its interface is designed to be used by non technical professionals responsible for data compliance and governance.  As well as pointing you to where you can find it, Nivasha talks us through the compliance score dashboard, explaining how the score is calculated and what the other metrics on the dashboard are telling you.


In the webinar we also discuss when the compliance score is useful:

·      When kicking off  and first activating Compliance Manager, the score is based on the Microsoft 365 data protection baseline template, and this serves as an excellent basis for a control gap analysis.  It also covers all the most common data protection requirements (from EU GDPR, NIST and ISO27001) so it can give you an immediate sense of where you stand on the compliance spectrum.

·      As you implement controls, it can help to direct you to improvement actions that will lower your overall risk and increase your compliance score.

·      Monitoring is a key part of any GRC process.  The compliance score allows you to actively check the adequacy and effectiveness of a control from one single interface.  Improvement actions provide guidance intended to help you align with data protection regulations and standards.  They can be assigned to users in your organisation and you can store notes, documentation and record status updates.

·      Finally, the compliance score allows for comprehensive reporting.


Watch now for an introduction to Compliance Score and  legal/risk compliance perspective on how you can use it to provide invaluable insights for improving data compliance and reducing risk.



  • Join our webinar on 27 March at 12pm UTC+0 for a comprehensive overview of the Compliance Manager dashboard and advice on how to translate what it’s telling you into meaningful insights.  We’ll help to explain what to look for where, including:
    • Gain an understanding of your compliance position against baseline templates which include a set of controls for key regulations and standards, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR 

    • Demonstrate how technology controls form part of your overall risk and compliance strategy 

    • Focus your activities on actions that will reduce your risk 

    • Report confidently and easily 

Designed with compliance/risk and senior leadership roles in mind, this webinar may be focused on a Microsoft product, but it will be led by our compliance/legal expert well versed in bridging the gap between technical implementation and compliance business need.  Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Compliance Manager could already be at your fingertips – now’s the time to unlock its potential.