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Get maximum business benefit from your cloud investment

Implementing Office 365 and migrating users and data across is just one part of the onboarding story.

Getting all your staff to fully embrace the cloud and get optimal benefits – especially when it comes to working with the new and flexible collaboration and sharing options – can become the next major challenge.

For example, the apparent overlap of OneDrive and SharePoint for document sharing, and the choice of collaboration tools including Teams, Slack, Groups and Yammer can be overwhelming and confusing.

As a result, adoption loses momentum and the potential that is promised by Office 365 is not realised.

Working in concert with the Microsoft FastTrack service we can help you access all the relevant user adoption resources for your needs, including defining bespoke user training.  Throughout the process you’ll be able to track how well user adoption is progressing and identify where extra attention is required.  Where relevant, we can add in third-party tools to help with the process.

Determine the optimal collaboration solutions for your business

Deliver customised training

Track user activities & monitor trends

Send targeted communications to specific users needing assistance

Perform follow-ups with specific users who remain inactive

Reassign licenses that match users’ needs



Working with the key stakeholders within your company, we can help you identify the best Microsoft productivity tools and establish a strategy for rolling them out.  We recommend you do this in tandem with a security review, as many applications enable right-click ‘share with’ and co-authoring of files.



Start auditing user uptake in line with your strategy.  We can help you gain insights using tools such as the new Office 365 Adoption content pack within Power BI.  You may decide to commence rollout with an early adoption program and then expand to cover your whole organisation.


Drive value

Identify where users need help and deploy targeted training to bring users up-to-speed.  As you start to evolve what you use, or layer in new technologies, we can equip you to measure the results and ensure success.

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