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Cloud Essentials hosts webinars on a regular basis to address general migration, security, data governance and modern working issues and to showcase and demonstrate our solutions.

Browse the list of upcoming webinars, and reserve your virtual seat today.

Document Management for the Modern Workplace

On demand webinar

In this webinar we look at how you can transform document management in areas such as legal, logistics, HR, procurement, by building on your Microsoft 365 investment:

  • Provide better support for remote workers
  • Easily apply structure, metadata, workflow & policies to streamline document handling
  • Protect your data using Microsoft 365 classification, end point security, etc.
  • Collaborate securely with external parties
  • Avoid Teams sprawl
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Remote eLearning using Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Learning in the Flow of Work

On demand webinar

Allow staff to learn, grow and connect in one, streamlined platform: Microsoft Teams.

In this webinar we will look at how you can:

  • Access learning from your preferred & familiar platform
  • Embed training in a team & use chat bots to navigate learning content
  • Personalise the learning experience to the individual user’s needs
  • Increase adoption of Microsoft Teams & improve ROI
  • Enable interpersonal collaboration while learning
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Save money on security with Office 365

Exit from Third-Party Security

On demand webinar

Where in the past it was good practice to get a best-of-breed security solution for areas such as email hygiene and mobile device management to run alongside Office 365, Microsoft arguably now matches and exceeds the protection you can achieve with point solutions.  

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear why Microsoft delivers a bigger and better proposition than ‘point solutions’
  • Learn how you can successfully transition from 3rd-party solutions
  • Discover the best strategy for exiting 3rd-party solutions such as Mimecast, including how to ‘rescue’ your journal (and where to put it)

We will also look at a cost comparison example and help you formulate your next steps should you want to ‘move on’.

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Office 365 backup icon

Is Office 365 backup essential?

On demand webinar

Many think that the facilities in Office 365 negate the need for separate backup & restore capability.  It’s true, there’s some great protection mechanisms available like the recycle bin and litigation hold.  But, unlike when it comes to email hygiene, end point protection, etc, did you know Microsoft actually recommends you maintain a separate, third-party backup capability.  

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear other people’s experience of where they’ve benefitted from a dedicated backup & restore service
  • Learn how you can protect your company from ransomware by leveraging Azure WORM storage
  • See a demo of the leading Azure-based backup/restore service for Office 365 (and on-premises) workloads
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